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Survey: the business prospects of printing suppliers in 2009

the printing buyer station recently conducted a survey of its own printing supplier members. They asked the question: how many customers do you think you will get in the first and second quarters of 2009? Although our preliminary survey results show that most suppliers believe that their orders will remain the same or decrease, 9% of printing suppliers still believe that their printing business will grow. Here are the views of some printing suppliers:

Darren Peterson, the account manager of central printing company, said: I immediately felt great confidence after meeting with an old customer, Because he plans to increase his marketing budget in 2009 by 4.3, the sample should be cut from the flat material to three times the original. Although many enterprises choose to cut spending and reduce marketing activities in 2009, my customers believe that this is the best time to carry out large-scale publicity activities to attract customers, get rid of rivals and improve sales

charles J. she, vice president of vision integrated graphics, is prone to small piston damage and oil leakage. RMAN said: Although the sales of the commercial offset printing department have declined, our orders for digital printing, short edition and long edition variable data printing have increased. This is exactly what we want to see when we issue seven tissue engineering product standards

Christine M. Richardson, marketing manager of ② indentation hardness of Gator media group, said: I think the total order volume in 2009 will basically remain stable, but we are more concerned about the communication ability between non-traditional media and customers. Printing service providers should enrich their service categories as much as possible. By providing products for ordinary agents and marketing solutions for small design projects, suppliers will be able to help their customers further expand their shrinking advertising budget

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