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According to the investigation of the State Forestry Administration, APP Yunnan has destroyed nearly 10000 mu of forests. Since the end of last year, Greenpeace broke out the "app Yunnan deforestation incident", what people have heard is only those arguments with different opinions. As the competent department of the government, the State Forestry Administration only told the media on January 18 that "the State Forestry Administration will investigate this incident in depth and publish the results in two months". But more than two months have passed, and the official conclusion has been delayed. And there is no "app deforestation event" in the top ten deforestation cases in 2004 announced recently. Faced with these uncertainties, the public urgently needs to see the truth of the incident. The author also made various efforts to get the news that "the investigation report of the State Forestry Administration has long been released, and there is indeed deforestation on app" installed on the vehicle

the "Lin Zi fa (2005) No. 4" document entitled "Notice of the State Forestry Administration on issues related to the construction of raw material forests by golden light paper (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Yunnan Province" received by the author was issued on January 7, 2005. In other words, the State Forestry Administration has conducted an in-depth investigation and reached a conclusion before it said it would conduct an in-depth investigation. Since the conclusion has already been drawn, why not publish it? In this regard, the source said that the reason why the State Forestry Administration did not publish this document to the public was for some "understandable reasons"

the author notes that this document is specially issued to Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department. The original text is as follows:

Yunnan Provincial Forestry Department:

in December 2004, our bureau organized personnel to investigate the situation of Jinguang paper China Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinguang company) in building raw material forests in your province. Now we inform you of some problems found in the investigation and rectification requirements as follows

I. outstanding problems

(I) deforestation exists in the process of building raw material forests. According to the survey, in 2003 and 2004, Jinguang company built raw material forests in Lancang County, involving 9580.52 mu of forest land; The volume of harvested trees was 24709 cubic meters without a forest cutting license. Except that some of these trees were felled by local villagers before land handover, most of them were harvested and then felled by the afforestation contractor of Jinguang company. At the same time, Jinguang company also involved in the synthesis of high molecular weight carbon dioxide based plastics and 1580 mu of immature forest land in Lancang County

(II) the behavior of forest land circulation is not standardized. According to the provincial government's unified pricing of 40 yuan per mu of forest land for 50 years to pay the land contract fee, Jinguang company has objectively damaged the interests of the owners of Linquan. In terms of collective forest transfer, villagers generally reflect that contracting. Therefore, the energy consumption cost in the plastic granulation industry has become the second largest cost in the plastic granulation cost, which is second only to raw materials. The price is too low and the unified pricing does not conform to the market law. At the same time, there is a phenomenon that the village committee signs a contract with Jinguang company without the villagers' knowledge or unwillingness. In terms of state-owned forest transfer, there is a situation that the state-owned forest land is transferred to Jinguang company to create raw material forest without evaluation

(III) the basic data of forest resources is false, and the agreement is signed hastily. According to the survey, there are barren mountains and wastelands suitable for forestry in Simao City and Wenshan County, which simply cannot meet the requirements of the "agreement" for building raw materials of Jinguang company. The main reasons are as follows: first, the basic data of forest resources in some places are untrue and the family background is seriously unclear. For example, Funing County of Wenshan Prefecture has not conducted a class II survey of forest resources since the founding of the people's Republic of China, and it is not clear how many barren mountains and wastelands can be used to create raw material forests. Second, the use of the existing barren mountains and wasteland is too idealistic, without considering the requirements for the scale of the raw material forest base (concentrated and contiguous), traffic conditions, site conditions and other aspects, as well as the needs of local villagers to develop animal husbandry and forestry and fruit industry. The local government signed a hasty agreement with Jinguang company. The raw material forest base construction agreement of Simao Lancang County Jinguang company has included 1.1 million mu of forest land and shrub land; Wenshan Prefecture and Jinguang company agreed in the agreement on the construction of raw material forest base that if the area of afforestation barren mountains and wasteland is insufficient, it should be supplemented from the regeneration of existing forests. Therefore, the implementation of the "agreement" will inevitably lead to a large number of cutting of existing forests

(IV) create raw material forests and harvest public welfare forests in public forest areas. According to the survey, in the process of building raw material forests in Lancang County in 2003 and 2004, Jinguang company built 2031.71 mu of raw material forests in public welfare forest areas, involving the harvesting of 738 cubic meters of forest reserves in public welfare forest areas

II. Rectification requirements

please take practical and effective measures as soon as possible to seriously rectify the above problems and do a good job in the protection and management of forest resources in strict accordance with the law

(I) your department will organize a good investigation on the construction of raw material forests by Jinguang company in your province. In addition to further investigating the existing problems of deforestation and afforestation in Simao Lancang County and the production of raw material forests in the planned public welfare forest areas, it will focus on investigating whether the construction of raw material forests in other areas violates national laws and regulations and forest resource management policies. At the same time, your department should actively report to the provincial Party committee and the provincial people's government, coordinate and urge relevant departments to investigate those who violate laws and regulations such as destroying forest resources according to law, and report the investigation and punishment to our bureau before March 31

(II) we should strengthen the protection of forest rights and the supervision of the circulation of forests, trees and woodlands according to law, further clarify and implement the ownership and management rights of forest resources, and actively study and standardize the circulation of forests, trees and woodlands. The state-owned forests and collective forests have been issued according to the process, and the mountain forests contracted by individuals should fully respect the wishes of the operators, so as to ensure that the state-owned assets are not lost and the interests of forest farmers are not lost

(III) we should further strengthen the basic work of forest resources management. In combination with the implementation of forest classification management and natural forest protection project, we should carefully do a good job in the class II investigation of forest resources, so as to lay a good foundation for the healthy development, rational layout and scientific planning of the forestry industry

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