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According to the survey, the pollution of 88 newly installed houses exceeds the standard, and 98% of the citizens have not been detected.

the survey said that 88 newly installed houses exceed the standard, and 98% of the citizens have not been detected.

February 5, 2015

[China paint information] decoration materials should be environmentally friendly. Now many people know that, but are the materials actually used really environmentally friendly

at the two sessions this year, the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China provided a set of research data: 100 newly decorated houses were tested for pollution, and 88% of them were unqualified, mainly benzene and formaldehyde exceeded the standard. Among the surveyed citizens, 98% did not conduct pollutant testing before moving into their new houses. To this end, the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic League submitted a "several suggestions on strengthening the pollution control of home building decoration in our city", calling for the popularization of decoration knowledge and the strengthening of the supervision of decoration materials

[NLD research]

more than 90% of citizens do not know how to control decoration pollution, and do not do testing before moving in

how serious is the pollution caused by the decoration of new houses? The research results of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China show that more than 90% of the respondents do not know how to control decoration pollution. Most citizens only pay attention to the "appearance" such as design patterns when decorating, while ignoring the "internal" requirements such as indoor pollution. Many citizens underestimated the severity of indoor pollution, and some people simply handed over all the trouble to the decoration company. After the decoration was completed, they were busy moving to a new house without professional testing and cleaning up the pollution

this survey mainly focused on the knowledge of housing decoration pollution, whether to detect before moving in, sampling the pollutant indicators of decorated houses and the living conditions of leukemia children admitted by some hospitals in Xiamen in the first half of last year. Through questionnaires and visits, the research group found the following problems:

residents' knowledge of home decoration pollution is poor, and they are not paid enough attention to it. Only 8% of the respondents knew how to control indoor decoration pollution, and most citizens did not pay attention to decoration pollution

the vast majority of residents did not detect indoor decoration pollutants. Among the respondents, 98% did not conduct pollutant testing before moving into the new house

the qualified rate of pollution detection of decorated houses is low. When testing 100 newly decorated houses, 88% of the test results were unqualified, and the pollution exceeded the standard seriously. The experiment began to count, mainly benzene and formaldehyde

house decoration pollution seriously threatens the health of residents. In the first half of last year, nearly 80% of the leukemia children admitted to some hospitals in Xiamen have lived in newly decorated houses in recent years. Experts believe that harmful substances in interior decoration materials may be an important inducement for childhood leukemia, liver and kidney diseases, skin diseases, respiratory diseases and immune system diseases. After the test, the new houses where the patients lived were mostly benzene and formaldehyde, which seriously exceeded the standard


the owner of the new house knew to purify the air, but only put plants or tea stems

last October, Miss Chen got the new house and then began to decorate it. Now the decoration is coming to an end and furniture is being installed. If you hurry up, you can check in before the Spring Festival. However, she plans to be free for another period of time, because her child is young and she is worried about pollution. As for how long to be free, she couldn't say clearly. "Three to five months or half a year, then pick a good day and move."

as a neighbor who started decoration at the same time with Miss Chen, a fast-moving family finished decoration in December last year, and moved to a new house a month later. This Spring Festival has passed in the new house. In addition, several households are decorating their furniture and preparing to live in their new home for the new year, which is very festive

"living comfortably and warmly is my life pursuit." Mr. Cai said that his house had just been renovated and he had chosen to move to a new house on New Year's Eve. "I think it is related to the material performance, geometric size, shape, structural situation, convenient fixing conditions and the action mode of external force of the spring. The selected decoration materials are environmentally friendly. Now they are ventilated, and plants are placed to purify the air." He said

Mr. Chen, who also decorated the new house, believes that the new house doesn't need to be empty for too long. After decoration, put some tea stalks on it. When it comes to the inspection after interior decoration, they all think it is unnecessary

designers guarantee that environmental protection materials will make children uncomfortable as soon as they enter the new house

recently, Mr. Liu is having a headache for the new house. Because he and his wife were busy with their work and had no time to manage the decoration, they entrusted the designer with full authority. He also specifically explained to the designers that the family has elderly people and children, and the 6-year-old daughter has asthma. The materials must be healthy and environmentally friendly. At that time, the designer also assured him that "no problem". But when the house was painted, he took his daughter there, and her daughter immediately felt unwell

"consider moving after one year after the situation can be adjusted and reported." Mr. Liu said that in order to make the elderly and children more comfortable, he was trying to get rid of the smell. As soon as he was free, the couple would spray formaldehyde scavengers in the new house

in 2012, Mr. Li handed over his new house to his friends to be responsible for the decoration, and he occasionally went to the scene to have a look. He said that the selected materials were brands with light pollution and good reputation. After the decoration, he put some tea stems indoors and ventilated for two months

"I have been decorating for 18 years, and almost all the owners have moved into their new house soon after the decoration, especially the newly married young couple." Mr. Zhang, who is engaged in decoration, said that with so many new houses decorated, only one family hired professionals to detect indoor pollution after decoration

[proposal and suggestions]

in order to encourage owners to take the initiative in testing, the government can give certain subsidies

heshihua, an associate member of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China, vice president of the Xiamen Branch of the provincial Academy of construction Sciences, and senior engineer of the Provincial Construction Engineering Quality Testing Center Co., Ltd., said that the best decoration of the house is simple decoration, not too complex, and reduce pollutants

"now some materials are under the banner of environmental protection, but when the decoration enters the site, there is a lack of acceptance and monitoring." Heshihua said that there is no specific standard for how long the newly decorated house will be empty. The key is to see the degree of decoration. "The best way is to carefully select materials, choose brand environmental protection materials, maintain ventilation for three months after the decoration, and then put some plants to absorb pollutants. Before moving in, find a professional testing organization to check whether the indoor air meets the standard."

the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China suggests vigorously promoting fine decoration housing. The construction of fine decoration housing can be planned, designed, used and accepted in a unified way, which can fundamentally solve the problems of illegal transformation, noise and dust, resource waste, material quality and so on caused by the secondary decoration of housing

in addition, it is suggested to strengthen the supervision of the circulation field of the material market, regularly or irregularly organize experts to cooperate with the supervision and management department to carry out special sampling inspection of toxic and harmful substances of building materials circulating in the market. If unqualified products are found, they should be severely punished and the decoration material market should be purified

at the same time, we should popularize the knowledge of indoor pollution control and enhance the awareness of environmental protection at home. The design of new houses should be scientific and reasonable, ensure indoor ventilation and lighting, minimize the use of adhesives, paints, coatings and other substances, and carry out preventive assessment of pollution. While decorating, i.e. after the adjustment of the above measurement steps, it should be treated

of course, we should pay attention to the last level - indoor pollutant detection. In order to encourage the owners to take the initiative to test, the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic League of China suggested that the government could give some subsidies


an average of 300 people die from decoration pollution every day

half of the people who indirectly cause disease are children under the age of 5

at the first national indoor air quality and health learning seminar in 2010, the environmental testing center of China Interior Decoration Association released a shocking data: the number of deaths caused by decoration pollution in China reaches 112000 every year, with an average of about 300 per day, which is equivalent to the number of deaths in car accidents, And showing an upward trend; There are 2.1 million people with indirect diseases, of which about 1million are children under the age of 5

about half of the deaths of children due to upper respiratory tract infection are directly or indirectly related to indoor air pollution. In Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Harbin and other big cities, children with leukemia have increased in recent years, and living in over decorated houses is one of the important reasons. A survey conducted by a hospital in Beijing showed that 90% of the children with leukemia received by the hospital had their families decorated in nearly half a year

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