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The survey shows that people-oriented lighting can help improve happiness and work performance

the research jointly launched by the University of Twente in the Netherlands, the Free University of Amsterdam and CBRE property consultants in the Netherlands has once again verified the correlation between the working environment and human health, happiness and work ability. In order to carry out the research project smoothly, OSRAM arranged a "people-oriented lighting system" solution for CBRE headquarters in Amsterdam. The scheme includes a time controlled lighting system, which can adjust the lighting in a way conducive to human physiological rhythm. The survey results show that 76% of the "people-oriented lighting" experience people feel happier, 50% of the experience people feel healthier, and 12% of the experience people perform better in objective experiments

this interdisciplinary "health office" survey asked 124 respondents and analyzed more than 100000 data records, focusing on how the work environment affects employees' potential. Through questionnaires, experiments, biological data, daily activity evaluation and interviews, the project team conducted a seven month survey on the impact of changes in the working environment and health

the research team has set up five environmental change modes that theoretically have the greatest impact on health and employee potential: starting from health factors, such as nutritional health, psychological balance and physical exercise; Starting from environmental factors, such as natural interior design and appropriate lighting. The project team also analyzed the impact of adjusting lighting according to sunlight intensity to make it conform to human physiological rhythm. As a well-known industry expert who proposed the concept of people-oriented lighting, OSRAM was invited to install LED lighting and lighting management solutions for the project

lighting scheme adapted to physiological rhythm

research in the past decades has shown that light has a significant impact on our mood and concentration ability, and the most important aspect of high-quality lighting is timeliness. Our brain regulates the body's circadian rhythm according to the "light signals" of the surrounding environment, which controls our energy level, mood, alertness or fatigue. When our body clock is out of sync with the natural time, we will become emotionally excited, our response will decline, and it will be difficult to concentrate

in order to achieve a people-oriented lighting solution in the investigation, OSRAM has installed a time control system that is conducive to human physiological rhythm, which can complete experimental lighting systems such as pipe ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, weld stretching, etc. lamps can adjust the light color (adjustable white) and intensity at different times of the day. Several light sources are arranged on the wall, showing a vertical lighting level. The lamps hung on the ceiling of the open office area can bring pleasant indirect light and avoid strong direct light, which affects the accuracy of the experimental data. Overall, the light intensity nearly doubled

arktika-p BIOLUX adjustable white light is designed for general office large-area lighting. This extremely efficient flat chandelier has two different operating components. LED lamps emit direct (4000K) and indirect (6500k) white monochromatic light. In different time periods, white cold light is distributed from the ceiling through separately controlled direct and indirect components. In the morning and afternoon, high brightness lighting and indirect white cold light can stimulate employees' positive working state, while at noon and dusk, soft warm light conforms to the natural biological rhythm, which is conducive to improving happiness and work performance

decorative lighting surface light ceiling lamps with adjustable white light ensure uniform indoor lighting by constantly adjusting the color temperature, such as morning (6500k), afternoon (4000K), evening (2700k). The lamp is manually controlled by button or wireless lightning pro. Lunis wall washing lamp refracts the light to the wall to form a vertical light. In the conference room, the RGBW ceiling embedded spotlight can be used through the lightning Pro controller. According to different work and meeting communication, we need to choose white or color lights wirelessly before the marketization of the new concept car created by kostron

research results on "correct lighting"

"health office" is part of the CBRE office with new modern lighting configuration. The study found that 18% of the staff here showed better working conditions, 71% showed more vitality, 76% worked more happily, and 50% felt healthier. Moreover, the survey results recorded an accurate improvement rate of 12%. On the first day of the study, the new lighting device made the participants feel very novel and even uncomfortable, but they soon fell in love with the new working environment and expressed their willingness to work in such an environment

and solutions: like previous surveys, research projects show that the office is actually an ecosystem, with hundreds of different factors affecting health. Humanized transformation of the working environment can bring better work prospects for employees, and it is also a wise business investment; By establishing a healthier office environment, we can avoid the expensive costs caused by disease, job burnout and employee fluctuations

during the day, through the direct and indirect ARKTIKA P BIOLUX component controller controlled separately, the refreshing white light is evenly distributed on the ceiling

the conference room can convert white or color lights at will through the wireless lightning Pro controller

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