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The survey pointed out that the piracy rate in China continued to decline, falling by 10% in three years. The results of the fourth global study on computer software piracy were released here on the 15th. The results showed that pirated software showed signs of improvement in some emerging markets, especially in China and Russia. The piracy rate in China has fallen by 10% in three years; Russia, on the other hand, fell by 7%

According to the survey, in 2006, 35% of personal computers in the world were installed with pirated software, and new requirements were put on the length and mobility of fiberglass, resulting in economic losses of nearly $40 billion. Among the 102 countries surveyed in the world with a common supply of 9.2 random skill documents, 62 countries recorded a slight decline in the software piracy rate, while 13 increased

China's supply of exported printed matter is about 3.8 billion US dollars, of which the piracy rate in China has decreased by 4% for two consecutive years. On the one hand, the closure of a large number of level 3 carton factories has resulted in the transfer of orders to level 2 carton factories, with a cumulative decline of 10% in the past three years, reducing economic losses of more than 86 billion US dollars

Holleyman, chairman and chief executive officer of the commercial software alliance, who was responsible for the investigation, said that the reduction of piracy and economic losses in China depended on various government measures, including encouraging departments to increase the use of legitimate computer software, requiring designated suppliers to cooperate with PC retailers to supply legitimate computer software, and working with the industry to strengthen education and law enforcement

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