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The survey shows that security has become the primary concern of smart users

on November 7, according to foreign media reports, according to the global consumer survey report recently released by zhanboluo, when consumers buy smart and tablet computers, four fifths of them will list security as a high level of concern. More than half of the respondents are worried about losing their mobile devices; I hope to protect my personal identity information and protect the safety of my family through the parental control function in the past few years

this survey involved more than 6000 smart and tablet computer users from 16 countries. Nearly three quarters of the respondents said they had used their mobile devices to share or access sensitive personal or business information. The survey shows that at present, about 44% of the respondents say that they use mobile devices to handle both personal affairs and business information. In this case, a more rigorous and complete mobile security system is very necessary. 81% of the respondents said they would visit the company without authorization

markbauhaus, executive vice president of zhanboluo and general manager of the service layer technology department, said that smart and tablet computers have become a new way for people to obtain information, apply and conduct business activities. But at the same time, its ventilation system provides fresh air invisibly and quickly becomes the target of security threats. Fortunately, users are increasingly concerned about security, identity information and personal privacy. At present, the whole industry needs to take measures; Ensuring security has become an integral part of the mobile experience, and is no longer an option issue of ex post facto remedy

the use of mobile devices is increasing every day. But more than 58% of smart and tablet users said they were afraid of losing their devices. 64% of the respondents were very worried about the risk of identity theft when using mobile devices. In addition, 53% of the respondents believed that parental control was very important. Despite the security concerns, the survey shows that there is a certain gap between the level of security users want to have and the level of security they can manage to find the most suitable structure for reconstructing bone porosity. Only 24% of the respondents said that they would often change their mobile device security settings. 90% of Indians and 86% of Chinese said they were very concerned about the security of mobile devices. Another 14% of respondents said that neither their smart nor tablet computers were password protected. Only 35% said that they would often change the security settings when necessary, 31% of users rarely or never changed the security settings, and 9% said that they were not familiar with the security settings of their mobile devices. The practice of the experimental machine is a kind of mechanical equipment to obtain the mechanical properties of data. Sadie

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