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The survey predicts that the supply and demand of plastic products will be booming this year

according to the market survey, China's plastic products market will be stronger this year, with a large increase in packaging, engineering, building materials and other fields, and the demand will exceed 25million tons

the trend of specific varieties is analyzed as follows: packaging plastic products are mainly used for container bags, woven bags, composite bags, eye bags, square bottom bags, packaging films and other packaging materials for grain, chemical fertilizers, cement, beverages, oils, pesticides, medicine and cosmetics. The demand this year will exceed 8.5 million tons, which is the largest variety in plastic products, accounting for about 40% of the total output of plastic products

at present, engineering plastic products are mainly used in automobile, post and telecommunications, textile, audio-visual equipment, machinery industry accessories, medical equipment and equipment, information industry and national defense industry, and the demand will reach about 4million tons this year

building materials plastic products are mainly used for doors and windows, all kinds of decoration materials, plastic pipe fittings for urban drainage and sewage discharge, sprinkler parts, and plastic pipes for flood and waterlogging resistance and drought pumping. Allan Rasmussen, senior project manager of Lego, said that the demand this year will reach more than 3million tons, of which plastic doors and windows and plastic pipes account for about 13% and 10% of the plastic products market respectively

agricultural plastic products are mainly used for plastic film, greenhouse film, plastic pipes for farmland and water conservancy construction, micro irrigation, infiltration irrigation, so as to transfer power to water-saving plastic products such as output piston drip irrigation, and plastic products such as fisheries, animal husbandry, forestry, special aquaculture. The demand this year will be about 5million tons

daily plastic products are mainly used to manufacture purified water bottles, basins, barrels, baskets, turnover boxes, footwear, bags, sofas, car seats, etc. used in daily life. Enterprises are encouraged to strengthen green production, and the demand this year is about 800000 tons

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