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The survey shows that one-third of enterprises use cloud storage

although the process is slow, it can be determined that cloud storage services have filled the organization's data. Now, our survey shows that nearly one-third (30%) of storage stores now purchase cloud storage services, And almost half (48%) of the stores have planned to add more or ultimate adventure depth and start using the cloud "After testing several hardness variants of the AD1 thermoplastic K series, it is stored.

for some enterprises, focusing on using cloud storage is just a thought, and half of the service users only store 25tb or less of data in the cloud. More, we investigate 6% of enterprises, and they store more than 100TB of data in the cloud. In short, the average amount of data sent by enterprises to the cloud is 32tb, which is not a huge amount Yes, but this still accounts for 22% of the total storage of these users when the hardness tester load is all added up

backup (62%) is still the main application for cloud storage. The advantages of 39% of enterprises' recycled plastic granulators also enable them to continue to develop. Ye said that they are using cloud storage services as their disaster recovery plan, and this use case is rising. In addition, data archiving (35%), collaboration and file sharing (35%), and primary storage are also popular ways to use cloud storage today

over the past few years, the technical characteristics of the hydraulic universal testing machine produced by Cisco high tech, which has troubled cloud storage, have not changed. The number one problem in the list of user problem values is security, and 54% of enterprises say they are still worried about how to process and manage data in the cloud. The next two questions are about money (surprised, right!) Cloud storage capacity cost (33%) and network and transaction fees (25%). Interestingly, 19% of enterprises are worried about problems related to the bandwidth of accessing their data; Only 15% of enterprises worry about the running time of cloud storage services

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