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Explore baowo automobile industry 4.0 test drive authentication superior performance

on June 26, the fifth phase of "Jianbao baowo automobile factory exploration" was carried out as scheduled. Core media people from all over the country, together with some baowo car owners, walked into the baowo auto industry 4.0 intelligent factory in Miyun District, Beijing. After exploring the world's first intelligent factory with 8-model intelligent production system, they deeply tested and drove baowo bx5, bx7 and other mainstream best-selling models. Adhering to the German concept of "industry 4.0" and a highly intelligent production line, the cost-effective configuration and superior performance of baowo automobile have become the focus of heated discussion among explorers

in this event, the invited media and baowo car owners visited all core production lines, including complete vehicle production processes such as stamping, body, final assembly and testing, except for the paint workshop, which has strict requirements on sealing. 8 flexible production lines of different models, complete the automatic switching mode of the whole line within 3 minutes, and 222 sets of flexible NC robot positioning systems; 5000 body welding points, 0.3mm part accuracy, more than 22000 vehicle measurement points and more than 290 kinds of interior accessories; 1075 factories have actively developed high-performance organic fluoride and fluoropolymer vehicle testing projects, 14 kinds of 1005, manual hydraulic universal material testing machine% full spectrum road testing and 360 degree no dead corner rain testing. Baowo factory, which adheres to the three core production concepts of softness, precision and strictness, showed the visitors the strong strength of the "Sino German intelligent manufacturing cooperation pilot demonstration project". Instead, after the exploration of the manufacturing workshop of the glass and metal materials

factory, accompanied by the test drive coach, the explorers experienced the driving performance of the baowo bx7 under various road conditions such as linear acceleration and simulated road on the professional test track of baowo automobile factory. Equipped with European chassis adjustment, the baowo bx7 with maximum power of 180kW, maximum torque of 340nm and surging power integrates speed and comfort, Received unanimous praise. The smooth cooperation between 4max intelligent full-time four-wheel drive system and ELSD electronic limited slip differential provides the best driving experience and safety guarantee for baowo bx7 under extreme road conditions

public information shows that baowo automobile factory, located in Xitong Road, Miyun District, Beijing, covers an area of 1.1 million square meters. The project construction was started in 2013. In 2018, after the completion of the second phase of the project, it has the production capacity of 360000 vehicles per year, which is compatible with the production of traditional energy and new energy vehicles, and meets the installation methods of the pull down machine introduced by the European Union, the testing requirements of North American and Chinese standards for intelligent driving assistance and car couplets, and the expansion space in the future. In March this year, baowo automobile factory passed VDA6.1 quality certification, and its quality system was recognized by German authorities

as early as March this year, before Shenzhou Youche group controlled baowo automobile, the two sides had reached a strategic cooperation and jointly launched a new retail model of baowo automobile, which opened a directional change in the automobile production and marketing model with unlimited points close to customers, unlimited reduction of customers' purchase threshold, transparent after-sales service experience, and a real zero inventory model. At present, baowo, together with Shenzhou car rental, has launched a test drive activity of "30000 new baowo, everyone drives for free for one day" in more than 100 cities across the country, bringing an excellent driving experience to more consumers

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