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Overview of dairy products and packaging (IV)

IV. milk powder packaging milk powder is the most important solid dairy products in the market. There are many kinds of milk powder, which vary according to the composition of raw materials, processing methods, auxiliary materials and additives. There are whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, cream powder, whey powder, buttermilk powder, cheese powder, ice cream powder, etc. their common feature is the powder products made by drying

1. Requirements of milk powder on packaging

1) barrier

barrier is the most important requirement of milk powder packaging. The barrier to oxygen ensures that the fat of milk powder will not be oxidized and will not produce clam flavor. The high water resistance is to prevent the milk powder from being wet and caking, causing deterioration. Fragrance retention enables milk powder to be stored for a long time without losing flavor

2) no peculiar smell

milk powder has porous particles, large specific surface area, and is a kind of fragrant food. Therefore, it is extremely sensitive to peculiar smell, which will change the flavor of milk powder and seriously endanger the health of consumers. The odor mainly comes from the solvent residues of adhesives and inks in the packaging materials, which can be heated and retained in sections according to the program set, as well as the additives in the resin

3) other requirements

ultraviolet light is easy to deteriorate the milk powder, so the dairy packaging should have good light resistance. The milk powder packed in composite bags should have good heat sealing, antistatic and good sealing strength

2. Milk powder packaging forms and materials

1) composite flexible packaging

composite flexible packaging milk powder has various forms and flexible specifications, including four side sealed bags, three-dimensional bags, back sealed folding bags and other forms, which is one of the most important ways of milk powder packaging

the common flexible packaging structures are as follows: PET/Al/LDPE; PET/VMPET/LDPE; BOPP/VMPE/LDPE; PET/Al/Ny/PE。

2) metal can packaging

metal cans are mainly made of aluminum alloy and tinplate materials, which have excellent barrier properties, and the shelf effect is high-grade. After the milk powder is canned, vacuum it and seal it with nitrogen of more than 99% purity. It can be stored for 9 months under 24 ℃, and only 3 months without nitrogen filling

3) multilayer composite paper bag packaging

uses high barrier materials to compound with paper, which can be made into a variety of bag shapes

common material structures are: PVDC/paper/Al/PE, paper/PVDC/PE, paper/PVDC/VMPET/PE, etc

v. packaging of other dairy products

packaging of milk drinks

milk drinks include neutral milk drinks and acidic milk drinks. Sour milk beverages are divided into fermented and blended sour milk beverages. p>2. Measuring range and accuracy of experimental force: better than 1% 2% ⑴ 00%

2) plastic bottles: mainly HDPE bottles, PET bottles and BOPP bottles have an expanding trend

3) composite carton: various brick type and roof type packaging

4) metal packaging: mainly cans

cheese packaging

cheese is a kind of dairy product made of rennet, which can be made into 20 layers at most or pepsin to condense the raw milk, and then process, shape and ferment the clot to maturity. Cheese has high nutritional value, which is rich in protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur and other salts as well as a variety of vitamins, and its digestion and absorption rate is also very high

whether it is fresh cheese or processed cheese, it should be packed tightly. The preservation of cheese is mainly to prevent mildew and rancidity, followed by maintaining water to maintain its flexible tissue and avoid weight loss

1) hard box packaging

polypropylene sheet shaped hard box, sealed with PET/Al/CPP materials, with a shelf life of 9 months

2) shrink packaging

uses high barrier coextrusion shrink film and vacuum packaging. The material is EVA/PVDC/e-va, with good heat sealing performance and appropriate shrinkage force

3) composite film packaging

composite materials with PA/EVOH/PE, Pt/PVDC/PE, BOPP/PVDC/PE, PA/PVDC/PE and other structures are used. Now the matching problem of the fuselage vibration alarm circuit of the reciprocating unit is analyzed, vacuum packaging is carried out, and deoxidizer packaging is placed. It is better to pack with CO2

4) single layer plastic film

is packaged with PE, PA, PVC and other single-layer films, which can only be effective in the short term

cream packaging

cream is the milk fat separated from fresh milk. According to its content, it is generally divided into cream and cream. Milk fat can be directly processed into delicious flavor foods, such as sweet cream, sour cream, whipped cream, fancy cream and butter. Cream is easy to deteriorate and oxidize, and is easy to absorb peculiar smell. The requirements for packaging are mainly barrier and fragrance retention

1) composite flexible packaging

it is packed with parchment, oil proof paper, aluminum foil/sulfuric acid paper, aluminum foil/oil proof paper and other materials. It can be stored for 9-12 months at a low temperature (2 ℃ - 10 ℃)

2) boxed

first, plastic coated cardboard boxes are packed with capped materials, and second, PVC, PP, PS, ABS and other pressed plastic boxes are packed with capped materials, with a shelf life of more than 12 months

3) metal cans

are used in industrial packaging because of their large portions

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