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Sichuan Hongda Group manages nearly 600billion assets, and the cost control management is handed over to Zhiyuan Internet

in the camp of Chinese private enterprises, Sichuan Hongda Group is a special case of rapid development by leaps and bounds. Finding a fulcrum and leveraging an industry is a true portrayal of the development of HTC group. When it was founded in 1979, HTC group was a small nitrogen fertilizer plant. Now it has developed into a diversified large-scale modern enterprise group with five major industries, including industry, trade, real estate, finance and tourism. There are as many as 60 member enterprises, holding a listed company, more than 20000 employees and nearly 600billion assets under management. In 2017, among the top 500 Chinese enterprises, HTC group jumped from 324 in 2016 to 119, ranking among the largest 500 enterprise groups in China

taking advantage of potential synergy and leveraging Zhiyuan

through this series of impressive achievements, we are very curious about how HTC group drives this commercial aircraft carrier? At the second China Collaborative Management Summit Forum and the seventh Zhiyuan Internet user conference, which just ended recently, we interviewed Guan Yu, CIO of HTC group and director of the information technology special committee. In his words, taking advantage of potential collaboration, Zhiyuan used the right information products at the critical moment

I have a long history with Zhiyuan Internet. In 2005, my company chose Zhiyuan collaboration. The overall product capability, implementation capability and service capability of Zhiyuan collaboration are very good, which really helps us promote the development of informatization and organization management. Therefore, no matter which company I go to do informatization, I will basically use Zhiyuan collaboration

Guan Yu further said: I joined HTC group in 2015, but as early as 2009, HTC group had chosen Zhiyuan collaborative products, which used A6 single organization version at that time. Later, in order to improve the operational performance of organizational collaborative management and better link subsidiaries with the group, we upgraded from A6 single organization version to A8 group version. Now all the companies in the group use Zhiyuan collaboration

from 2009 to 2017, HTC group's business continued to expand and its assets continued to rise. With the help of Zhiyuan Internet, information management has also completed the transformation from extensive management to refined management. Along the way, Zhiyuan Internet has provided a perfect intelligent collaborative management solution with in-depth insight into the information management needs of HTC group

how does a commercial aircraft carrier make a cost control budget? Integrated collaboration breaks through the complexity of heterogeneous systems

Hongda Group, which controls nearly 600billion assets, naturally has a cost control budget as the core of management, otherwise it will affect the actual normal force F. In the actual management process of an enterprise, there are many types of expenses involved, many corresponding management systems, many schemes of expense control, and a large amount of processing every day, which brings great difficulties to the cost control management, especially in the case of manual processing and no separation between accounting and approval, the problem of improving management efficiency is prominent

in the past, in order to ensure the effective docking of data, it needs to be done manually, but manual data docking, in addition to low efficiency, accuracy can not be guaranteed. Now through the collaborative management system of Zhiyuan Internet, all the links in the middle can be avoided. Leaders can directly see all data in the system. Guan Yu, for example, said that it is now December, and the leaders can see that the proportion of exports from each department to emerging countries will also be greatly increased to what is the annual budget in December, how much is spent, how much is left unspent, and what projects are in progress, etc. In this way, it is convenient for leaders to allocate and use funds in a very organized way, and then do a good job of cost control. At the same time, it can also force all departments to do cost budgeting more scientifically and reasonably

take the financial department as an example, all the current reimbursement data can be migrated to the collaborative management system of Zhiyuan Internet with one click. Through the expense control of the collaboration management system, the reimbursement data is written into NC through the interface. In the whole process, Zhiyuan Internet plays the role of a platform in HTC group to connect with other business systems, which greatly facilitates the unified operation of business personnel and eliminates the need to log in to multi-party systems to deal with complex businesses

Sichuan Hongda Group - system application structure

the biggest feature of Zhiyuan Internet cost control management is to follow the three-stage control principle of enterprise expenses before, during and after the occurrence of comprehensive control management. At the same time, the advanced concept of financial control is introduced to completely change the traditional financial work mode, and the collection of financial information is placed in the front end of the business, making the cost control management more flexible and efficient

Sichuan Hongda Group - external fund payment application form

Zhiyuan collaborative management platform can establish a cost sharing and control mode with clear classification, reasonable line and degree of authorization, and seamlessly integrate with accounting, capital, ERP and other businesses and auxiliary systems. In terms of accounting integration, support the integration with mainstream financial systems such as UFIDA, Inspur and Oracle; In terms of fund integration, it can be connected with the fund management system to realize the real-time transmission of payment information, and support the user-defined integration interface. Through the integration of multiple heterogeneous systems, the highly open collaborative management system truly realizes multi system penetration, data connectivity, unified information caliber and business linkage

at the same time, HTC group also relies on the Zhiyuan Internet platform to optimize the organization system, and makes administrative and personnel management more simple and convenient by establishing a portal information space. In addition, through the mobile office platform of Zhiyuan Internet, employees can deal with business anytime and anywhere, and understand all kinds of information within the company at the first time. The simple and fast management mode makes mobile office more efficient

Sichuan Hongda Group - Collaborative Information Portal

deeply build a hybrid cloud resource platform, Zhiyuan Internet has great prospects

the scale of Hongda Group is still expanding, and the information resource management platform should also be upgraded and integrated. Combining the private cloud resources within the company with the public cloud resources coordinated by Zhiyuan, it is gradually put on the agenda to build a hybrid cloud resource platform with a complete background that is common at home and abroad

the company has businesses all over the country and the world. In order to facilitate long-distance login and flexible remote office, we will deploy some front-end business systems to interact with the data system of the private cloud in order to quickly respond to the business needs of the front-end. Guan Yu said that he hoped that Zhiyuan Internet could go deep into our business according to the particularity of the industry in the future, and at the same time, it could quickly dock and interact with other industry software to form an ecological chain

in fact, Zhiyuan Internet has been increasing its efforts in cloud services. Under the background of the rapid development of new ICT technologies such as cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet, Zhiyuan Internet successfully created a transparent mineral water bottle and soon became a white one-stop office application customization platform - Zhiyuan Internet formtalk cloud. At present, formtalk has been launched in Tencent enterprises, opening the code free era of enterprise application customization. Formatalk can provide enterprise users with a platform for cloud businesses to build freely, so that enterprise management of a business can be as simple as building blocks

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