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Sichuan Huanlong technology Fabric Co., Ltd. won the title of "outstanding private enterprise in Wenjiang District, Chengdu, 2018"

on December 28, 2018, Sichuan Huanlong technology Fabric Co., Ltd. was rated as "outstanding private enterprise in Wenjiang District, Chengdu, 2018", and was ceremoniously commended on the spot

more than 260 outstanding private entrepreneurs and representatives of award-winning enterprises from Wenjiang District, Chengdu gathered at this conference to have on-site exchanges with representatives of leading entrepreneurs on topics such as innovation and creation, transformation and upgrading, and our leading industry. With excellent performance and leading technology, the conference auto Shengjin 3D printing materials, as the main body of pollution control, commended 20 outstanding private entrepreneurs and 20 outstanding entrepreneurs

don't forget your original intention, you can always get it. In the future, Sichuan Huanlong technology fabric outside the cockpit will continue technological innovation and research and development, create more advanced papermaking blanket technology and products, and create new value for improving the operation efficiency of mainstream high-speed paper machines; The company will continue to improve its service system, improve and perfect the global market, and serve every customer in the domestic and foreign markets with the purpose of "caring service and creating value together"; Strengthen efforts to build national brands, build the internationalization of the two famous national brands of "gobear" and "Huanlong", and promote the localization process of China's papermaking equipment with the influence of national brands

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