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Sichuan: "measurement and management coordination" to control VOCs emissions, and formulate the "ozone pollution prevention and control plan" @ attention to enterprises

Sichuan: "collaborative measurement and management" to control VOCs emissions, and formulate the ozone pollution prevention and control plan @ attention to enterprises!, Paint,

Sichuan: "measurement and management coordination" to control VOCs emissions, and formulate the ozone pollution prevention and control plan @ attention

April 16, 2021

in order to do a good job in the prevention and control of ozone pollution in 2021, strengthen the coordinated control of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides, effectively reduce ozone pollution, and continuously improve the air quality of the city, the Mianyang pollution prevention and control battle and the heavily polluted weather emergency leading group formulated the Mianyang ozone pollution prevention and control plan in 2021

work objectives

from March to September 2021, we will focus on the emission control of pollution sources in key regions and industries, strengthen regional joint prevention and control, and the coordinated control of VOCs and NOx, and focus on strengthening the emission control of VOCs in chemical, coating and other industries, highlighting precise, scientific and legal pollution control, so as to effectively reduce ozone pollution. Reduce the concentration of ozone pollution, reduce the number of days of ozone pollution, and strive to ensure that the number of days of ozone pollution in the urban area of the city does not exceed 18 days. All counties, urban areas and parks should control the number of days of ozone pollution according to the guidance and suggestions, so as to avoid serious and above pollution days, and the average annual concentration of ozone reaches the standard

implementation scope

key implementation areas: Fucheng District, Youxian District, Anzhou District, Jiangyou City, Santai County, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, high tech Zone, economic development zone, science and Technology Innovation Zone, Xianhai district

other reference areas: Yanting County, Zitong County, Pingwu County

strengthen the control of industrial source pollution

vigorously promote the substitution of clean raw and auxiliary materials with low (no) VOCs content, urge enterprises to strictly implement the substitution main body, focus on the source substitution of key industries such as chemical industry, industrial coating, packaging and printing, shoemaking, electronic information, wood processing, chemical fiber, etc., and the substitution proportion of low volatile coatings such as water-based and UV curing in wood furniture manufacturing industry reaches more than 60%, The replacement proportion of water-based adhesives reaches 100%, and the replacement proportion of high solid and powder coatings in the construction machinery manufacturing industry reaches 3. If the spring is damaged, our measurement will be futile by more than 0%, the replacement proportion of high solid coatings in the steel structure manufacturing industry reaches more than 50%, and the replacement proportion of green raw and auxiliary materials with low VOCs content in packaging and printing enterprises reaches more than 60%

urge and guide enterprises to carry out investigation and rectification of unorganized emission links such as the storage, transfer and transportation of VOCs containing materials (including VOCs containing raw and auxiliary materials, VOCs containing products, VOCs containing waste and organic polymer materials, etc.), leakage of equipment and pipeline components, escape of open liquid level and process according to the requirements of the standards, and speed up the rectification of those that fail to meet the requirements. Carry out leakage investigation in key industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical and pesticide, and establish a list of leakage detection and repair enterprises

improve and update the list of key VOCs emission enterprises. Carry out the investigation of industrial parks and enterprise clusters, and establish a development process sheet involving VOCs industrial parks and industrial enterprise clusters, which is always unconventional from imitation to independent renovation. Carry out the clean-up and rectification of VOCs "scattered pollution" enterprises, and focus on strengthening the investigation of urban-rural fringe, old factories and key towns. We will accelerate the transformation of coal-fired thermal power units and the iron and steel industry with ultra-low emissions, and strengthen the daily supervision of cement enterprises that have implemented the transformation of ultra-low emission thermal power units and in-depth governance. Promote the construction of centralized coating center, solvent recovery center and activated carbon centralized disposal center in the park

strengthen the control of urban non-point source pollution

for the construction operations using organic solvents such as asphalt paving, road marking, building wall painting and steel structure painting, try to avoid high-temperature periods, and implement peak staggering operations in case of ozone pollution

encourage the internal and external wall painting of buildings and the automobile repair industry to use low (no) VOCs content coatings. Building wall painting projects using water-based coatings and motor vehicle maintenance units may not implement peak staggering operations in case of ozone pollution

strengthen the daily supervision of the auto repair industry, urge the motor vehicle maintenance units to replace the adsorption filter materials in time, prohibit outdoor and open spraying operations, and implement staggered peak spraying in case of ozone pollution

carry out special rectification of the dry cleaning industry. We will continue to carry out the renovation of cooking fume in catering enterprises, accelerate the installation of cooking fume monitoring equipment in urban built-up areas, pilot promote the installation of cooking fume treatment facilities and monitoring equipment in public flue of residential areas in key areas, and strengthen law enforcement inspection

open burning is strictly prohibited, and open-air barbecue is prohibited in urban areas

strengthen the control of mobile source pollution

strengthen the control of diesel trucks, mainly focusing on black smoke capture and remote sensing detection, supplemented by road inspection and road inspection, and organize and carry out road inspection and road inspection of diesel trucks in accordance with the mode of "evidence collection by the ecological environment department and punishment by the public security and traffic police department"

establish a list of major operating diesel vehicles and carry out household sampling inspection of major vehicle users. Strengthen the supervision of motor vehicle emission inspection institutions and strictly investigate the falsification of test data. Carry out regular inspection on the use of non road mobile machinery, urge the use of non road mobile machinery that has completed the coding registration and has qualified emissions, supervise and sample the emission of non road mobile machinery, and focus on the implementation of regional non road mobile machinery timing in case of ozone pollution

carry out rectification actions against chaos in the oil industry, and severely crack down on illegal mobile refueling, sales of non-standard oil products and other illegal acts. Strengthen the quality supervision of refined oil, vehicle urea and vehicle compressed natural gas in the circulation field. Check and spot check the oil and gas recovery facilities of gas stations, oil depots and oil tank trucks. Guide gas stations in urban areas to carry out night refueling price reduction promotional activities, and encourage citizens to refuel at night. First explore and promote the construction of automatic monitoring facilities for the oil and gas recovery device of the mtmarion lithium mine project with a reserve of 6.75 million tons of lithium oxide into gas stations and oil depots in the urban area of the city

strengthen scientific and technological support

continue to carry out ozone source analysis, and use the observation data of component stations to carry out analysis. Organize and carry out VOCs navigation monitoring, explore and promote the construction of Mianyang VOCs monitoring system platform, find out the pollution situation, investigate key controlled industries and controlled areas, and organize monitoring and law enforcement forces to carry out law enforcement inspection in high-value areas of navigation. Pilot installation of VOCs monitoring "electronic fence" in qualified parks and key enterprises. Combined with the prediction of air quality and the operation conditions of artificial precipitation enhancement, carry out artificial precipitation enhancement in a timely manner

strengthen the response to ozone polluted weather

strengthen the emergency emission reduction of ozone polluted precursors, and establish an emergency control list of ozone polluted weather, including the list of wrong time production industrial enterprises, wrong time spraying auto repair enterprises, wrong time oil unloading gas stations and oil storage depots, and wrong time construction sites

according to the prediction and forecast of ozone pollution, the municipal pollution prevention Office issued pollution warning information in a timely manner, and local and municipal leading departments organized enterprises and construction sites in the control list to implement emergency emission reduction measures, and carried out "measurement and management coordination" supervision on key VOCs emission enterprises. Implement watering to reduce temperature and humidity, and increase the frequency of watering in key areas when ozone pollution occurs. A

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