The hottest Sichuan Cultural Tourism enters Europe

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Sichuan Cultural Tourism enters the beauty of the East in Europe and meets western enthusiasm

release date: Laidu takes the accuracy of displacement testing as the standard source to measure the level of experimental machines: on November 1 local time, Copenhagen, Denmark staged a "panda theme show" integrating passion and art, and the China (Sichuan) giant panda culture tourism Week kicked off in Denmark, the fairy tale kingdom. On November 3 local time, the cultural tourism promotion conference of "panda home Tianfu Sichuan" was held at the London School of economics and Political Science in the UK. Sichuan opera face changing, folk song singing and other special performances won bursts of applause from overseas tourists. This "European Tour" of Sichuan cultural tourism, with a number of characteristic tourism products, "going out", shows the unique charm of Sichuan cultural tourism

Sichuan has a deep "fate" with Copenhagen. It is learned that the Copenhagen Zoo is inhabited by two giant pandas "Xing Er" and "Mao er" from Sichuan. This 6. Manual adjustment sample range: 0 (7) m; (customized according to user requirements) two giant pandas came to Denmark, the fairy tale kingdom, in April this year to carry out international cooperation in giant panda research and protection for a period of 15 years. Copenhagen zoo also specially designed a panda museum with a strong traditional Chinese cultural charm for the two giant pandas

during the event, Copenhagen Zoo was full of "Chinese style Sichuan flavor". With giant pandas as the core element, there was a Sichuan Cultural Tourism photo exhibition and a panda DIY painting area, so that the audience could create creative paintings of white model panda dolls on site and use them as their souvenirs. In addition, sugar paintings with Sichuan characteristics, paper cutting, face changing, water sleeve dance, and Qiao Huadan performances are also popular in Copenhagen. "Sichuan culture is very wonderful and magical!" Many local residents and tourists said that they like giant pandas and China very much, and hope to "meet" giant pandas in Sichuan as soon as possible, and 3 About the load and deformation channels, you can take the initiative to feel the charm of Tianfu culture

at the promotion conference held in London, Oriental beauty collided with Western tourists with great enthusiasm. Students from the London School of economics dressed up as naive pandas and danced the "Little Swan" dance, which made the guests present laugh constantly; Excellent students from the Confucius Institute for business in London sang the classic song "Kangding Love Song" and the folk song "Chengdu" in Chinese; The face change of Sichuan Opera brought by professional Sichuan Opera actors pushed the whole event to the climax. There is also a special area for the inaccurate positioning of Sichuan intangible cultural heritage in the venue. Overseas guests can not only personally doodle Sichuan Opera facial makeup, but also personally experience the fun of Sichuan shadow play

"Sichuan will take the giant panda as an opportunity to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Denmark, Britain and other European countries and regions in the field of culture and tourism." Yao Jieping, head of the Sichuan Cultural Tourism delegation, said that as the core brand of Sichuan cultural tourism, giant pandas will help further enhance the influence of Bashu culture and the attraction of Sichuan tourism. It is hoped that through a series of activities, overseas tourists can further understand, know and love Sichuan, and attract them to take Sichuan as their preferred tourist destination, so as to promote the vigorous development of inbound tourism in Sichuan

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