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Sichuan shares ink presetting technology

China ink trading on October 10: Sichuan newspaper group printing company began to apply CIP3 ink presetting technology in newspaper printing business as early as 2004. Now, 10 years later, how about the preset application of newspaper printing ink, what experience has been accumulated in the use process, and what benefits have been brought to the enterprise? The author shares these issues with peers in the industry

application of ink presetting

our company uses founder Changliu workflow management system to generate CIP3 files, which can transmit layout information to the printing process and provide ink files required for ink presetting for printing machines with CIP3 interface. Founder Changliu has a special CIP3 module processor. The code of ink files generated adopts binary or ASCII code. The file format is CIP, which can be opened with cip3station and other software. If the input layout file contains cmyk4 color plates, the ink file can be divided into 4 files to describe the ink information of cmyk4 color plates respectively. Figure 1 shows an ink file read out by cip3station, in which the waveform fluctuation of the lower four color channels shows the amount of ink corresponding to the upper layout file in each ink area of each color plate

Figure 1 ink file read out by cip3station

in terms of hardware equipment, our company introduced Manroland uniset75 (6 towers) and uniset80 (4 towers) successively in 2004 and 2008. Both of them are equipped with pecom printing control center - production management TPP (PPM) workstation and central control console, which can realize CIP3 ink preset function. In addition, when we introduced the new equipment MAN Roland uniset80 in 2008, we upgraded the TPP workstation configured in 2004. So far, all the 10 towers have realized the full-automatic ink presetting function, and data sharing through the TPP workstation. The ink presetting experience shared in this article comes from the ink presetting application of these 10 towers

the physical connection of the whole ink presetting system is very simple. It only needs to connect the TPP workstation to the company's prepress server (the communication protocol is standard tcp/ip), and then set the IP address, the directory storing CIP3 files, access users and related access permissions in the TPP workstation. It should be noted that when pre press staff generate CIP3 files, they should name the files according to the requirements of TPP workstation to provide convenience for back-end staff. After the file is generated, you only need to transfer it to the corresponding file directory

the key to make good use of ink presetting

after 10 years of use, we have concluded that to make good use of ink presetting, the most important thing is to do well in the following two points

1. Ensure stable printing state

stable printing state is the most fundamental guarantee to realize ink presetting. To achieve a stable printing state, we need to start with the standardization of the printing machine and the stability of the quality of printing consumables

adjust the state of the printing machine, including making the pressure between ink rollers and water rollers meet the requirements of relevant standards, the adjustment of printing blanket and liner should meet the requirements, and the proportion of fountain solution should be accurate and stable

the stability of printing consumables mainly means that their printing suitability should be consistent. If there is a large difference in printability, it is easy to make the ink color deviation of the newspaper printed after the ink is preset too large, which can not meet the expectations

2. Use the ink volume optimization function

the ink preset data is not the ink volume data officially used for printing, and the operator still needs to further adjust the ink volume according to the requirements of live parts. Using the ink volume optimization function well can help printing enterprises improve the accuracy of ink presetting and keep it at a high level all the time

through the ink volume optimization function, the ink preset value of a live part can be calculated with the actual ink volume value recorded by the system to optimize the preset characteristic curve. The optimized characteristic curve records the printer status, operator habits and other information of the movable part, which is the "self-learning" process of ink presetting. It is worth noting that before using the ink volume optimization function, it is necessary to ensure that the printing machine operates in good condition, the printing conditions are stable, and the ink color has been manually fine adjusted to make the printing ink balance in the best state. In addition, ink quantity optimization is not once and for all. Once the printing state changes, the original characteristic curve will fail

problems encountered in the process of using ink presetting

various problems will inevitably be encountered in the process of using ink presetting

1. The full page ink volume is too large or too small

we will find in the production process that sometimes the printing effect of the first few sets of newspapers after using the ink pre sealing method is very good, but then the full page ink volume will be too large or too small in individual pages. When we first encountered this problem, we didn't know the reason, so we had to control the opening of the full page ink key or adjust the speed of the ink bucket roller to solve it. Later, after many times of practice and observation, we found that the problem was caused by the change of the speed of the ink bucket roller, which had nothing to do with the ink data

ink key opening and ink bucket roller speed directly determine the actual amount of printing ink. When the ink key opening is the same, different ink bucket roller speeds will make a great difference in the amount of ink for printing, which is reflected in the large changes in the overall ink color on the newspaper. In the actual production process, we sometimes manually adjust the ink bucket roller speed, and each time we load the ink preset data, the ink bucket roller speed will not return to the ink bucket roller speed value when optimizing the ink preset data. Therefore, the ink volume of the whole page will be too large or too small on the newspaper page. This is also a drawback of the ink preset system: it can give the ink key values of each page according to the ink coverage, but it cannot directly combine the ink key values to give the rotation speed values of each ink bucket roller

in this regard, we set the speed of the ink bucket roller, and re optimized the ink volume data. It is stipulated that generally, the speed of the ink bucket roller is not adjusted, but only the opening of the ink key. After that, this problem can be solved

2. Some ink keys are completely closed

after the ink preset is implemented, we also encounter the situation that one or several ink keys in an ink area are completely closed, and there are really no pictures and texts on the corresponding layout. In view of this situation, our treatment method is: if the opening of the ink key adjacent to the completely closed ink key is not large, it does not need to be treated; If the opening of the ink key adjacent to the fully closed ink key is large, the ink file needs to be manually corrected to reduce the difference of the opening of the ink key adjacent to the ink key

3. Ink document matching problem

our Manroland printing machine adopts a double diameter plate cylinder structure. There are two plates installed in the circumferential direction of the plate cylinder, but its ink supply is controlled by a group of ink keys. If the contents of these two printing plates are different, and each printing plate can generate an ink file, it may lead to ink file matching problems (especially when the file name is long). At this time, it can only be solved through the communication between the front and rear process staff; Or find other ink documents with similar layout instead; Or temporarily abandon the ink preset function, and manually preset the ink according to the soft proofing of the screen based on the experience of the operator

4. Unable to apply the ink file

in production, we have also encountered the failure of the printer "unable to load the ink file effectively" or "ink data positioning error". This kind of fault is mainly caused by the operation error caused by the operator of our company who is not familiar with the TPP workstation system or the inaccurate translation of the Chinese version of pecom system

5. The ink preset effect is not ideal

the brand and batch of the paper and fountain solution used by our company change from time to time, but the ink volume optimization curve is not updated when replacing printing consumables, which will lead to the unsatisfactory ink preset effect. Therefore, printing enterprises should try to maintain the stability of the printing state. If the printing state changes, they should also update the ink volume optimization curve in time for the new state

benefits brought by ink presetting

years of experience in the use of ink presetting to expand our business map has made us deeply understand the benefits it brings. Specifically, write down the value F2, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects

1. Improve production efficiency

in our company, the average startup preparation time of the equipment with ink preset function can be shortened by 5 ~ 10 minutes compared with the equipment without this function, which greatly improves the efficiency of the printing machine and the printing and publishing timeliness of newspapers

2. Reduce production costs

the ink volume optimization function effectively improves the accuracy of ink preset and the accuracy of ink volume control, reduces the amount of startup waste newspaper, saves 500 ~ 1000 startup waste newspaper on average for each live part, and greatly reduces the production cost

3. Save labor cost

the use of ink presetting reduces the labor intensity of operators. On machines without ink presetting, special personnel will be arranged to manually pre discharge ink according to the soft proofing on the screen during the preparation work. On equipment equipped with ink presetting function, the corresponding staffing and workload of operators will be reduced

4. Improve printing quality

the effect of ink preset function in improving quality is also obvious, especially reducing the impact of operators' different operating habits on the printing quality at the initial stage of startup, which can quickly achieve the ink balance. The ink color of the printed newspaper is uniform and accurate, and the consistency of the ink color of the newspaper has also been significantly improved

5. Quickly determine whether the water and ink path operate normally and reduce waste

generally, printing with ink preset data can quickly get prints with good printing quality. If the prints obtained at this time have small ink, floating dirt and other faults, it can be inferred that the water path or ink path of the printer may be abnormal, so as to help operators find printing in the early stage. It is important to find a way to solve the fault brush fault, So as not to cause greater losses

our company has deeply realized many conveniences brought by ink presetting technology. At present, founder has launched a founder printing source software, which makes it possible for printers without CIP3 interface to realize the ink preset function. In 2014, our company plans to use this tool to realize ink presetting for printing machines without ink presetting interface

in printing production, the actual supply and demand of ink always changes with the change of the environment. If we wishfully believe that all problems can be solved as long as the ink preset is used, the printing cost can be greatly reduced and the printing quality can be improved, and it is unrealistic to blindly require the equipment supplier to "set the ink preset accurately". We should take ink presetting as a tool for color management of printing machines. Of course, we still have a long way to go to make good use of this tool

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