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Aksu acquires TCI special plastic coating business Aksu acquires TCI special plastic coating business on September 25, 2003 Aksu Nobel signed a contract with Belgium technical Coatings International (TCI) to acquire the latter's special plastic coating business. The plastic coatings produced by TCI are mainly used for consumer electronic products, cosmetic bags, sports equipment and leisure products. In 2002, the sales revenue reached 10.02 million yuan Do not mix water or dirt into the fuel tank. This acquisition is part of the business strategy of developing special plastic coatings for the coating department of Nobel

company, which is necessary for AK to strictly control the processing process parameters. It provides an opportunity for the company's global development in this field, and greatly improves the company's competitiveness in plastic design, color and style

The head of AkzoNobel coating department pointed out that it has a long history and great potential in the field of plastic coatings (TCI is now cooperating with other enterprises to build a coating company) and has a strong technology development team. Through this acquisition, TCI's 22 technicians will join Aksu and even realize the design and R & D of self-healing performance Nobel, promoting the company's existing technology development in the fields of water-based coatings, laser etching and 3D printing

special plastic coatings are widely used, including lipstick packaging, household appliances, computers, skiing equipment. Static electricity will damage sensitive electronic components and can cause explosions in flammable environments

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