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How about the quality of Akko 3108v2 Fujiyama Cherry Blossom powder mechanical keyboard? ¥ 289 start with the evaluation

this Akko 3108v2 Fuji Cherry Blossom powder mechanical keyboard is a popular keyboard in the market. It seems to be recommended by the evaluation. Later, this Akko 3108v2 Fuji Cherry Blossom powder mechanical keyboard was planted. The usage experience is as follows: durability: the keyboard is very fine, the powder shaft is very responsive when struck, and the sound is light. It can be used in the office area without affecting others. The Longzhu Z is very handsome, Fans with dragon water level of 0.2/1000 beads can start a wave. The keyboard interface is USB and previous Android data cable. It is also very beautiful in orange. There are seven dragon ball keycaps that are worth collecting. The outer packaging is also very beautiful, which is worth starting with

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1. Akko 3108v2 mechanical keyboard price:

domestic shaft Cherry Blossom powder series full key non impact for safety

price ¥ 349.00

courtesy price: ¥ 289.00

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2. Akko 3108v2 mechanical keyboard configuration parameters:

3. Akko 3108v2 mechanical keyboard other user comments:

great!!! This price is absolutely super cost-effective. Industry research: if you can't afford to lose money, you can't afford to pay the bill. Blow up the keyboard Akko! The big keys don't have the spring sound of 300r keyboard at the same price, and the feel is delicate and slightly frosted. Most importantly, this price! The key cap is exquisite and beautiful! No spring sound! In addition, the space sound of Akko orange axis is clear and crisp, the tone of small keys is quiet, and the slight two sections of tea axis touching the bottom are very clear, which is more forceful than the small yellow Yaqing axis and daryou tea axis before me. In a simple sentence, it is only recommended that partners with a little bit of strength should buy... (the number of small keys is larger than that of cherry red ALEC)

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