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AkzoNobel and the Dutch National Museum have accelerated the restoration of the night tour and jointly promoted the revival of famous paintings

AkzoNobel and the Dutch National Museum have accelerated the restoration of the night tour and jointly promoted the revival of famous paintings

March 5, 2020

recently, the restoration plan jointly carried out by AkzoNobel and the Dutch National Museum for the famous painting night tour has entered a new stage - focusing on color Light and paint for innovation and scientific research

Rembrandt's legendary masterpiece night tour is undergoing the largest and most innovative restoration work since its birth. AkzoNobel and the Dutch National Museum combine the knowledge and expertise of both sides and adopt the most appropriate way to repair and preserve the night patrol paint. With the continuous acceleration of the cooperation process, the two sides have identified three key research directions for the second phase of repair work

"we are very happy to cooperate with the Dutch National Museum to carry out an innovative art restoration project," said Klaas kruithof, chief technology officer of AkzoNobel paint and coating. "Through the combination of the old and the new, we can take different perspectives, unique ways and innovative thinking to complete the restoration beyond our expectations, and open up a new field full of infinite possibilities for painting restoration."

experts from the Dutch National Museum and AkzoNobel

at the restoration site of the night tour

Robert van laugh, head of the cultural relics protection and science department of the Dutch National Museum, added: "It was a right choice to join hands with AkzoNobel to carry out the 'night patrol program' from the very beginning. At present, we have begun to discuss in detail how to promote the restoration from a scientific perspective. We have common areas of discussion with AkzoNobel, especially in the two directions of color and painting aging. At the same time, we are confident that the restoration will be carried out by Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd Jinan Jing university type experimental machine manufacturer can open a new perspective for viewers to appreciate "night patrol" and interpret this masterpiece at a higher level. "

researchers from both sides plan to carry out the following projects in the next two years:

understand Rembrandt's unique pigment formula through the re creation of Rembrandt's thick coating pigment technology, Because its precise formula is still a mystery up to now (thick coating refers to the process or technology of thick coating paint to make the painting surface achieve a nearly three-dimensional visual effect)

design common color correction systems to improve the image acquisition and digitization of paintings. The use of dark colors in the night patrol is very special. This system can be fine tuned according to the unique colors in the painting

fully consider the influence of light conditions and surrounding objects on color perception, and use AkzoNobel's latest virtual color display technology to help improve the visual experience of night patrol

reinvention of Rembrandt's thick coating pigment technology

understanding how Rembrandt created the famous thick coating pigment technology will help to better understand the relationship between rheology (the study of material flow, mainly the study of liquid substances, including soft solids) and actual pigment painting. Experts will select three different thick colored pigments found in Rembrandt's paintings and study them from different angles

design common color correction system

color correction is the focus of the second project, which aims to overcome common problems in the shooting process of night patrol and other professional photos of Dutch paintings in the 17th century. The dark places in these paintings are bright in the photos, so that the photos in the museum catalogue and other publications cannot correctly reflect the original colors. The aim of this project is to design a special color correction card for the photography of Dutch paintings in the 17th century in order to improve the quality of photography

improve visual experience

the project combines AkzoNobel's expertise in color and light reflection. The paint of the night tour has aged and faded, and many details are difficult to identify. In order to improve the visual experience of changing samples at night without climbing, the project plans to analyze hyperspectral and spectrometer data, and display local light and shade changes based on physical simulation, so as to improve the recognition of paintings

the Dutch National Museum and AkzoNobel experts jointly discussed the restoration plan of the night tour

"it is a valuable opportunity for us to apply our expertise in color to this historic restoration project." Eric Kirchner, senior color researcher of AkzoNobel, said, "the night tour can be regarded as a landmark art treasure in Dutch culture and even in the whole art history. Our participation in the restoration plan of the night tour also symbolizes that we have the technical ability of an industry benchmark."

the "night tour program" was launched in July of September in the production process of 201. Scientists worked in a specially made glass room and used a series of pioneering tools and technologies to carry out major research and restoration of Rembrandt's famous paintings. The Dutch National Museum also sent a professional project team composed of researchers, protectors and restorers to closely cooperate with AkzoNobel's color experts and many museums and universities in the Netherlands and abroad

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