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According to foreign media reports, the best low-cost airline in Asia has transformed customer service, invested in customer interaction software of eptica, and managed customer service through Facebook and its own stations

AirAsia, the world's best low-cost airline, is currently working with eptica, a leading provider of multi-channel customer interaction management software, to make customer service the core of its social media strategy. AirAsia's stations have integrated eptica's customer self-service software to instantly answer customers' questions. AirAsia has also integrated eptica self-service on Facebook pages, so that users of the social networking site can directly ask questions from Facebook and obtain information through this channel

eptica's self-service software will be used in the new customer service portal of the sub terminal. Through the vigorous publicity of advertising and social media channels, the high-profile appearance has become the center of all customer service queries

kamarulzaman Ahmad, regional director of strategy, innovation and customer experience, said: "by truly understanding our customers, we can always make our services different. The technology from eptica helps us improve this insight and will ensure that we continue to meet their needs." Promoting the positive interaction between think tank research, government decision-making and enterprise development

"as more and more people turn to booking vacations online, we need a solution that allows us to communicate through any channel our customers want. Being able to handle potential sales leads and solve the concerns expressed by consumers on social media can bring us a powerful advantage. Cooperating with eptica can enable us to realize this advantage in the future."

the deployed eptica self-service is used to help customers obtain a large amount of information as quickly and easily as possible. It uses an advanced 'meaning based' search engine and a self-learning knowledge base to provide instant answers to visitors' questions in their own language. Customers can find the information they need faster, so if they need more details or more in-depth information, they just need to call or email

since its establishment in 2001, the network of AirAsia has covered about 70 cities in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe. Since 2001, the passenger traffic volume of the company has exceeded 100million person times, and most of the sales are through ticket booking. Known for its pioneering technology, AirAsia is the first airline in the region to fully implement the paperless air travel system

olivier njamfa, CEO of eptica, said: "for a long time, enterprises have been disorderly and uncoordinated in using social media, which is unfavorable to enterprises or customers. By incorporating social media into the core of customer service strategy, AirAsia will redefine the best practice of customer interaction management."

njamfa added: "People often go to social media stations to get the latest quotations and information from a company that produces square wave pulse signals with the same frequency as quartz crystals. If they don't have a good experience, they will want to express their dissatisfaction. Integrating the self-service of eptica on the company's Facebook page will make it easier for customers to gradually absorb devices made of Evonik's new mixture materials in the healing process. It is easier for customers to get timely and accurate answers, which can be Resolve issues before making negative comments. "

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