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AkzoNobel appointed Margret kleinsman as general manager of automotive and aviation coatings company according to foreign media reports, AkzoNobel recently appointed Margret kleinsman as general manager of automotive and aviation coatings company. Margret kleinsman has held important management positions in many departments of the company. After taking office, she will be responsible for the company's automotive touch up paint market and commercial vehicle business in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America

Jim Rees, global general manager of AkzoNobel automotive and aviation coatings, said: "Margret has rich leadership experience in project recruitment, technology shareholding and other situations. Her participation will bring a new perspective to the company. At present, the company's automobile crash repair market in the United States is still developing. Developing new automobile technology, increasing the public's interest in business activities, and expanding the workforce are the main problems that promote the development of the company. Margret's rich background and experience will promote The continuous development of the company. "

margaret said: "the United States is an important strategy of AkzoNobel. The" Chinese fever "is heating up the market in Mongolia. AkzoNobel automotive and aviation coatings company has supplied high-quality products and technologies in the U.S. market, which enables the company's distribution partners and automobile collision repair customers to establish and maintain a good relationship with this technology. 1. Leisure and sports sole fruits have been successfully transformed in jiayitong. I hope to help all stakeholders gain common interests. "

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