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Air cooled screw heat pump chiller and water heater unit passed product appraisal in Changzhou recently, ps-fg160ma air cooled screw heat pump chiller and water heater unit, a new product jointly developed by Southeast University and Changzhou aster air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd., passed the product appraisal organized by Jiangsu Economic and Trade Commission in Changzhou. The evaluation committee considers that the test piece gap used to monitor whether the production and processing is qualified; Universal testing machine: it is suitable for Jinan steel strand bending machine technology. It is used for stretching, shrinking, bending and cutting of metal and non-metal materials. The new technology of electronic expansion valve used in the experimental products is the first in China and fills the domestic gap

it is understood that Changzhou Esther air conditioning equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized wholly-owned enterprise invested by Singapore Casa group in China to produce central air conditioning. Its main products are roof type air-cooled hot air units lsfg/rsfg series air-cooled screw cooling hot water units which have great influence and reputation in the country. At present, the enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental protection system certification

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