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Airbags will increase the use of automotive plastics. The change of vehicle spacing when four cars are decelerating means that the distance between cars is 12.192. The error in judging at 2.5 speed will lead to a rear end collision. The driver's mastery of the vehicle speed depends on two aspects: observing the vehicle speed, and the other is relying on personal subjective feelings. The subjective feeling of what affects the performance and accuracy of the testing machine is that the driver judges the speed of the vehicle according to the movement of the surrounding scenery, the feeling that the tensile elongation at break of keta spirekt (8) 10 is about 50% of the body, and the sound of the wind. Therefore, it is easy to produce errors. This is especially true when driving long distances at high speeds 1 Researchers call this phenomenon speed compliance, that is, the longer the driving time, the greater the error between the vehicle speed judged by the driver and the actual vehicle speed. This compliance characteristic is also easy to induce rear end collision accidents. According to the speed survey on the test conditions of the vehicles traveling to and from Beijing Tianjin tangsugong Road, it is estimated that the actual speed error is kept at 140m, and then the vehicles decelerate by 100 for 3 consecutive days, the vehicles decelerate by 100 for 60 consecutive days, and the vehicles decelerate by 1, and it is found that 80 vehicles reach more than 150, causing danger. On the one hand, it is related to the driver's lack of understanding of driving regulations and driving knowledge on high-speed highways. On the other hand, it is caused by the driver's speed compliance characteristics, which can not be ignored. 1 Li Zhengyi. Road traffic engineering. Chongqing University Communications Press, 1991, 2 Zhu Zhong. Highway driving guide. Southwest Jiaotong University Press, 3 yuzhisheng. Automobile theory. Mechanical Industry Press, 1981 airbag will increase the use of automotive plastics. The new generation airbag will increase the demand for automotive plastics in the North American market. About 50 vehicles produced in 2005 will be equipped with anti side impact systems, compared with less than 10 in 2000 In addition, the manufacturer of airbag is also considering changing the airbag. Airbag is mainly composed of plastic, and nylon and thermoplastic will form airbag cushion and airbag. Cars produced in North America were equipped with side airbags on the doors and seats in September 2000. 3 curtain airbags were installed to protect the head and upper body from injury in rollover accidents. By 2005, these two figures will respectively increase to the number of vehicles produced in Europe 23 adopting side airbags in 2000, an increase of 620 over 1999 and an estimated 58 in 2005; The curtain airbag was only about 3 in 2000. By 2005, the experimental software of universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) will be upgraded for free, which is estimated to reach 33 The automobile 19 produced by Asian automobile factory in 2000 will adopt side airbag, which will be 45 by 2005; Curtain airbag was only 2 in 2000, and it is estimated to increase to 20 in 2005

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