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as the basis for business carrying, network development and network manageability, the importance of network structure is self-evident. Considering the user management, simplicity of the network, IP address saving and other factors, generally, the network of the cell is a three-tier structure, including the corridor layer, the cell convergence layer and the office equipment layer. As shown in Figure 1

according to the manufacturer's feedback, although the equipment on the corridor floor is a two-layer switch, the equipment is simple, but the wiring problem is very prominent. Its transmission distance is limited by 100m, which makes the coverage of corridor equipment smaller and increases the number of equipment. The category 5 cable itself has the problems of outdoor use and no large number of cables, which limits the placement of screw cutter equipment and increases the wiring complexity

the cell convergence layer mainly consists of two-layer or three-layer devices with large capacity, which are basically distributed in the cell computer room of the original operator

the office equipment layer is the main difference among various Ethernet access schemes. Emerging broadband operators mostly use general three-layer switches or routers, mainly to save investment and give up user management; Traditional telecom operators pay more attention to user management due to long-term operation of networks with large user capacity. Therefore, generally, this layer of equipment is equipment with certain user management functions, such as bas


cell Ethernet access technology is relatively simple, but it is derived from LAN. Therefore, for operators, many problems need to be solved. First of all, due to the characteristics of LAN based broadcasting, LAN technology is now applied to cells. Users need to be isolated and security should be considered. Secondly, the management of LAN users is unmanaged. How to control user embezzlement and abuse in Ethernet access. Moreover, considering a relatively simple and feasible process, we need to solve the shortcomings brought by LAN. Finally, economic benefits come first. While providing users with services with relatively high performance and price, operators also need to consider their input-output ratio and choose economic products

generally, operators need to care about several elements:

user management and security

unified management of broadband users has become a prerequisite for large-scale development of broadband networks. At the same time, effective management of line resources and equipment resources is also an important support for network maintainability and manageability

currently, user isolation and security mechanisms can only be implemented through port based VLAN and 802.1qvlan. Port based VLAN shall be used to isolate users before there are shuttle buses, wrinkles, bubbles and adhesions. Each user shall have a VLAN to block the broadcast between users and prevent listening

the private connection of users will cause the operating income of operators to decline. Neighboring residents apply for a port and share a VLAN port through an IP sharer or a PC agent

The use of P2P software such as

bt makes the limitation of bandwidth more and more prominent. For some operators with small export bandwidth, they have been considering shielding P2P software, which has triggered a great discussion on the value of bandwidth

management and maintenance

operation and maintenance is the guarantee for network operators to provide services to users, and it is also related to the service quality and corporate image of operators. The construction of "made in China 2025" is not only an important part of network management in the past two years, but also an indispensable support for network maintenance and business analysis

with the continuous development of broadband services and the particularity of technology, the level of network management system is gradually decreasing. However, at present, the data products generally have the problem of poor manageability, especially the switches, which have scattered equipment, large quantity and many models, and have become the bottleneck of network management. SNMP protocol is relatively simple, and it is difficult to achieve unified configuration management of devices

the Ethernet access network is complex, and most of the equipment is close to the user. The equipment environment is poor, and the power supply and grounding cannot be compared with the computer room. The equipment failure rate is relatively high. Multiple network layers lead to the increase of fault points, which are difficult to judge. At the same time, the equipment does not support the corresponding fault detection function. The whole maintenance process needs a new mode. Compared with the traditional maintenance process, the Ethernet access process is more complex and has higher requirements for equipment

investment and business

at present, the low utilization of Ethernet access equipment has become the biggest problem perplexing operators. The small coverage is the main reason for the low actual installation rate, and the lack of business is also an important market reason. From the price of equipment per port, the price advantage of Ethernet access equipment is obvious, but considering the cabling cost and equipment utilization, the investment is much greater than that of other access methods

most of the services that telecom operators can provide are based on Tariffs and services. Content-based services are not the strength of operators and need to combine other social forces. Shanghai Telecom once considered the cell with Ethernet access to provide content services based on the cell. However, it is found that the technical level of the property is limited, which affects the service quality. Too scattered information sources are not conducive to content updating. Therefore, it is still considered to provide information services in the metropolitan area

solution description

in order to solve the difficulties encountered by various operators in opening Ethernet access, Shanghai AITai Technology Co., Ltd. after years of exploration and combining the characteristics of the domestic Ethernet market, developed the Hiper series of cell access broadband routers, such as Hiper 3300nb, Hiper 3300nbs, which are applied in the second layer and convergence layer of Ethernet access, and solved the difficulties of user management, equipment management and large investment. Shanghai AITai Technology Co., Ltd. has proposed its own equipment and process management for Ethernet access, which has the following characteristics:

address management. Due to the limited address space of IP V4, operators can fully use NAT in general services. Users inside the LAN use private IP addresses. Address management can assign users through DHCP or allow users to fix IP addresses. Path through convergence layer

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