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Airbus and JAXA of Japan jointly conduct composite material research

a few days ago, Airbus and JAXA of Japan jointly conducted composite material research, and to some extent, a formal cooperation launching ceremony was held during the Paris air show, Takashi ishik, the person in charge of JAXA aviation project team at the international rubber and plastic exhibition, did not manufacture cellulose awa and Christian Scherer, the head of Airbus strategic project department, attended the ceremony

the cooperation between the two sides mainly includes two parts, namely, vacuum assisted resin transfer molding technology (VARTM) and nondestructive testing technology, from which the tensile strength (NDI) of the material can be obtained. Once the first stage of cooperation is successfully completed, Airbus and JAXA will continue to cooperate in other fields, which may include the application of breakthrough composite technology in aerospace

Ishikawa said, "we are very happy to establish a cooperative relationship with Airbus and hope that this cooperation will become the beginning of future cooperation between the two sides. JAXA has successfully cooperated with European research institutions in the past, such as ONERA and DLR. The signing of this agreement has opened a new chapter in our cooperation with Europe."

Airbus Scherer said: "Airbus already has 21 partners in Japan. We appreciate the high quality, high reliability and high-level technology in Japan's aerospace field. We are also very happy to have long-term cooperation with Japan's scientific research structure. This cooperation is a new starting point for bilateral cooperation in research and development, and will also enhance our cooperative relationship with Japan."

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