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The decoration case of this Nordic style small apartment introduced to you today covers an area of 85 square meters. The whole is mainly gray and log colors with different lightness, plus some bright colors as decorations. Many customized cabinets greatly increase the storage space

a small porch is separated into the house. A customized storage cabinet is designed on the right side against the wall, and some decorations and small items can be placed in the middle. In order to increase the sense of hierarchy of the space, the ground chooses to lay small flower bricks for zoning, which is visually more lively and playful. The shoe cabinet opposite the door, as the partition between the restaurant and the porch, also bears the function of card seat backrest, which is very practical

on the left side of the door is the top storage cabinet, in which the refrigerator and washing machine are perfectly embedded

the white dining table is placed against the wall, the design of the card seat is more convenient and comfortable to use, and the white chandelier creates a simple and warm dining atmosphere

the side cabinet opposite the dining table can be used as the operation space of the western kitchen. The white marble table top with black-and-white geometric tiles is particularly fashionable and eye-catching, which not only increases the storage space, but also an excellent display area

the living room is equipped with the classic Nordic style of gray + log. Several decorative paintings are hung on the gray background wall, including a white sofa, a high-low combination coffee table, and two single person leisure sofas. The soft outfit matching of light colors helps to expand the visual space and make the overall tone more harmonious

the TV wall is decorated with white cultural bricks. The bright yellow and blue TV cabinet not only enriches the level of the space, but also realizes the visual balance, making the whole space more dynamic

the master bedroom is mainly gray. Dark cloud wallpaper and dark gray bedding are matched with highly designed chandeliers, which greatly improves the style of the whole room

the large-area wardrobe design brings huge storage space, which is advanced and practical

the kitchen is an L-shaped layout, with a column in the middle separating the vegetable washing area and the cooking area. The gray kitchen is very beautiful

grey wall and floor tiles are selected in the bathroom, and light grey is a good choice for the bathroom, which is refreshing, clean and easy to clean. The above is about the decoration effect drawing of 85 ㎡ Nordic style small apartment. Gray and log color are perfect. If you want to know more about the decoration network, you can pay attention to Rongda Centennial home

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