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Black embellishment, which combines neoclassicism and mysterious philosophy, is like the secret of the ancient city of Alcala, which is more charming in the vicissitudes of history

Spain, a quaint City, always brews affectionate, thrilling or exciting stories in every corner. Walking through the winding streets and alleys of Spain, you will occasionally see an enthusiastic Spaniard take out his cigars and hand them to a stranger you just met. Generally, no one will refuse, because this is the first step to establish friendship.

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many people who have been to Spain have this feeling: Spain is very romantic, but its romance is different from France. If the romance of France is a little lazy, the romance of Spain is a little aggressive and wild. French realist writer prosper? Prosper Merimee (September 28, 1803 - September 23, 1870) a Carmen not only introduced the wild and passionate Carmen to the world, making Carmen a "black rose" that men all over the world want to have, but also introduced Spain, an ancient city with European characteristics, to the world

although Carmen is a bohemian, her exotic style has also injected fresh and adventurous blood into the city of Spain. People who have read novels and plays have a desire to visit Spain, feel the floating undercurrent in this ancient and simple city, and maybe have some colorful encounters

I don't know if there are any beautiful women bathing in the dusk as described in Carmen's novel. Will there be a girl with big black eyes, black eyelids, black eyebrows, sensual and ferocious expression, snow-white teeth, blue reflective long hair like Carmen who walks slowly in the embankment at dusk and gently comes to you by the bell of evening prayer? Of course, She can't approach for earthly money like Carmen, just to start a beautiful encounter... The imagination is beautiful, and the reality is skinny, but the architecture of Cordoba in Spain is still very charming. She can't start a romantic encounter, and she can make an affectionate City appointment with Cordoba

at night, the guadalquiville River in Cordoba has a unique style

it is said that Cordoba is the most beautiful city in Spain. The city wall has been handed down since the middle ages and is well preserved. Looking at this yellowed wall, you can feel that only this place can be the place where Carmen's story takes place, and only it has the ancient city atmosphere of robbers. The story can start from here. From a distance, you can see the sharp toothed battlements on the city wall, which are used to protect people outside from climbing over the wall. If you tear them down, there may be more legends and stories

in 756, Prince Abdul Rahman, a descendant of the Arab Umayyad Dynasty, established the capital here and established the kingdom of "great food in white". Cordoba entered its heyday, and its commercial culture flourished. Cordoba became a famous metropolis in the Islamic world, and was listed as the world's three major cultural centers together with Bagda and Constantinople. As the most populous city in the west, Cordoba gradually became the strongest capital in the Islamic world in its development. At its peak, there were as many as 300 mosques, and the great mosque was gradually expanded. When you arrive in Cordoba, your heart will be purified during the journey, which may also be Cordoba's good wishes to the world

Cordoba Great Mosque shining in the sun during the day

under the bright lights at night, the beautiful Cordoba Great Mosque

the Great Mosque is constructed of porphyry, jasper and marble pillars of various colors. Now there are 850 stone pillars in the temple, which divide the temple into 19 lines from north to south, with 29 wing galleries of arches in each line. Shuttling between the pillars in the temple, I do not know why, the sense of religious mystery arises spontaneously. The carvings of these pillars are the same. If you put them together and cooperate with the arched gate, you always feel that the beauty of them is really unspeakable. Mihrab's Prayer niche, Saint Teresa's sacristy room, Royal Chapel, and grand altar are unique to the Great Mosque. Exquisite murals, luxurious and sacred sacristy, and richly shaped arched doors will make you feel worthwhile

the marble pillars in the temple are the most impressive.

choose a suitable position in the cathedral, sit down, look at the famous sentences of the Old Testament and the New Testament written on the back of the chair, remember and order yourself to understand the profound sentences, listen to the voice of the choir from the sounds of nature, and your inner agitation will be calmed, and your heart will be free

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product introduction: Black embellishment, which integrates neoclassicism and mysterious philosophy style, is like the secret of Alcala ancient city, which is more charming in the vicissitudes of history. Choose Alcala, and you will also become one of the guardians of this secret castle, walking with us in the wonderful journey of color




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