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Do you know? Vessels made of clay are called pottery, and vessels made of clay are called porcelain. Ceramics is the general name of pottery, stoneware and porcelain. Pottery and porcelain clay, two kinds of clays with different properties, are used as raw materials, and the utensils are made through the process of batching, molding, drying, roasting and so on

the history of ceramic development is an important part of the history of Chinese civilization. As one of the four ancient civilizations, China has made outstanding contributions to the progress and development of human society. Among them, the invention and development of ceramics are of unique significance. In Chinese history, all dynasties have different artistic styles and technical characteristics. With the development of modern science and technology, many new ceramic varieties have appeared in the past century. Today, I want to introduce wells ceramics to you. Now let's go with Xiaobian to see what advantages wells ceramics has and what its price is

how about wells ceramics

1 Through the organic combination of natural high and low temperature environmental protection raw materials in the optimal proportion, the texture of stone is highly restored

2. Through the multi tube partition intelligent modeling cloth system, the texture of the tiles is smooth, the transition is natural, and the lines are flexible and natural, giving the space more vitality

3. Through the mirror process of super polished bricks, the products are transparent, moist and bright as a mirror

4. Ceramic tiles are fired in a 350 meter long kiln at 1240 ℃. The brick is fine and dense, with high density, so as to achieve high-quality properties such as super dirt resistance, super hard and wear resistance

it is often said that wells' bricks are good, antifouling, wear-resisting, high hardness, flat, bright and colorful. Well, why are wells ceramics so good? Today, we will learn about the advantages of wells ceramics from the source of wells' product production

1. Different raw materials

the same equipment and the same process, why do you make different products? The answer is that the raw materials used are different. Only good materials can make good products. The content of impurities in raw materials of ceramic tiles will greatly affect the quality of ceramic tiles. Wells ceramics, one of the top ten brands of Chinese ceramics, has a super large raw material storage yard. Raw materials come from the best mines in South China, ensuring the long-term stability and excellent quality of wells ceramics products

2. Different presses

the size of the press cannot determine the quality of the bricks made, but with a large tonnage press, we can make products that cannot be made by a small tonnage press. For example, a small tonnage press cannot make large bricks of 800x1600mm specification. Now the tonnage of press on the market ranges from 200-7200 tons, which directly determines the density and hardness of ceramic tiles. Wells ceramics, one of the top ten brands of Chinese ceramics, is equipped with the world's advanced large 7200 ton press, which ensures the super hard and wear-resistant products

3. Production lines are different

good ceramic tile factories have relatively advanced, fully automated and modern production lines, while ordinary factories rely on semi-automatic production lines operated by workers manually. The quality of ceramic tiles depends on lean production and control. Only the most advanced production line can produce products with the best quality. Good equipment and good production line are the guarantee of producing good products. Welles ceramics, one of the top ten brands of Chinese ceramics, has dozens of large-scale modern production lines, and has introduced Italy's advanced sistem 3D inkjet printer and roller printing machine, as well as ultra long and wide energy-saving roller kiln and other intelligent high-end equipment

4. Ball milling is different

the quality of the ball mill, as well as the speed and time of ball milling, directly affect the density, wear resistance and antifouling ability of ceramic tile pressing. Welsh ceramics, a first-line brand of Chinese ceramics, adopts a large tonnage ball mill. Through long-term ball milling of wear-resistant alumina pebbles, it ensures that the coarse particles in raw materials become finer and more uniform

5. Different from iron

wells ceramics adopts high magnetic electromagnetic rod to absorb iron filings, and the iron content is less than 0.1%, so as to ensure that the fired green body is free of black impurities and the brick is pure. General manufacturers use ordinary magnetic rods to remove iron. The iron content is high, and black spots are easy to appear on the surface of fired ceramic tiles

6. Different from staleness

ceramic tiles need a period of staleness after iron removal by ball milling and sieving, so that various impurities and chemical components in raw materials can fully react to meet production standards. However, the obsolescence of raw materials requires a large amount of material and financial resources of the enterprise. As a powerful ceramic tile manufacturer, wells ceramics can store more than 1000 tons of stale raw materials each time, and can store more than 180 days of inventory. In order to save costs and improve production rate, general enterprises will greatly shorten the stale time

7. Drying kiln is different

the length of drying kiln determines the moisture drying degree of ceramic tiles. The ultra long horizontal roller kiln used by wells ceramics can not only make the moisture content of the brick less than 0.5%, but also prevent deformation during firing

8. The firing time is different

the length of the firing time of the ceramic tile has a great impact on the quality of the ceramic tile. If the time is short, the ceramic tile will not burn through. We often see that there is a black core in the middle of the brick blank, which is the reason why it is not burned through. Wells ceramics adopts an ultra long wide energy-saving roller kiln, and the firing time of ceramic tiles is longer than that of ordinary manufacturers, so as to ensure that the tiles are completely vitrified, as dense as a porcelain bowl, high hardness and wear resistance

9. The inspection is different

each brick in the factory passes through two passes: machine inspection and manual inspection. Strictly inspect the size, specification and color difference. The national standards are the same, but the internal control standards of each factory are different. The internal control standards of good factories are strict, and the internal control standards of general factories are relatively loose. Welsh ceramics, a first-line brand of Chinese ceramics, adopts enterprise standards that are much stricter than national standards, and checks at all levels. Each brick has been inspected by a specially assigned person to ensure the high quality of products

price of wells ceramics

the official website price of wells ceramics is cheaper than those brands such as Marco Polo, Dongpeng and champion. It belongs to medium or upper class, and the price is about dozens to hundreds/piece. The following editor also collects some for your reference

1. Ps6045 white gem series 600*600 reference price: ¥ 42.50

2.1a45095 white 300*450 reference price: ¥ 15.50

3.1a45045 beige 300*450 reference price: ¥ 15.50

4 Yulingbi interior wall tile series 1300*450 reference price: ¥ 15.50

5 Yulingbi interior wall tile series 2 300*450 reference price: ¥ 16.50

6 Yulingbi interior wall tile series 3 300*450 reference price: ¥ 18.00

7 Reference price of ordinary flower 300*450 ceramics: ¥ 60.00

8 Polished flower piece 300*450 ceramic reference price: ¥ 100.00

9 Embossed flower piece 300*450 resin reference price: ¥ 350.00

10 Reference price of ordinary waist line 100*300 ceramics: ¥ 22.50

of course, you can also go to the official website of wells ceramics to check more, or to the exclusive store of wells ceramics. If you need to view other ceramic brand information, please log in to the forum

Xiaobian conclusion: Well, here is the price of wells ceramics and the advantages of wells ceramics. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information





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