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In an interview with home hotline and Huiya information, president Yu Gui Xinyu, marketing director of Zijia doors and windows, mentioned that strengthening network promotion and promoting online promotion and offline marketing are becoming more and more important in today's industry development trend

from March 24 to 26, 2015, the Sixth China (Guangzhou) door industry expo was successfully held. Home hotline and Huiya information "China aluminum door" specially interviewed yuguixin, marketing director of Zijia doors and windows

interviewee: yuguixin, marketing director of Foshan Zijia door industry Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, president Yu, how do you feel about today's exhibition? Has it achieved the desired effect

president Yu: our purpose of this exhibition is to attract investment and promote our products. Compared with the Construction Expo in July, the flow of people in the door and window exhibition will be relatively small, but the flow of people in the whole exhibition hall 4 is still OK, and the investment attraction situation is also very good

home hotline: what new products and features did the exhibition company bring

president Yu: we have brought some timely new products this time. In order to participate in this exhibition, we have made preparations in the second half of 2014. For a development plan of our 2015 product line, we have launched two series of colors, one is purple gold rose, the other is fragrant pear. We conducted a market survey, and we think these two colors are still very marketable. This is mainly the release of new products. Many customers are still very satisfied with our products

home hotline: how do you feel about the overall development trend of the door and window industry this year

President Yu: I am still confident in the development of doors and windows. Some friends and bosses in the industry think that the current market environment may not be optimistic, but this year will develop much better than last year. In fact, the most important aspects are the brand promotion, marketing ideas and product innovation of the enterprise itself. Our company's product line is relatively rich, and high-end brands are developed according to the popular trend of the market. Take the localization route of international brands to meet the needs of the whole household. In terms of brand promotion, we are honored to invite Chen Zihan to become our brand image spokesperson, which also indicates that our Zijia doors and windows have moved towards a higher level. Next, we will promote e-commerce, which is also the future investment attraction trend. Today's market brands should follow the refined model. We have been following the brand line of healthy development. In the whole industry, we are like a dark horse based on the market. The annual growth rate of the door and window industry is at least about 30%, and the door and window industry is also a young industry. After all, the emergence of first-line big brands is still rare, which proves that the industry still has a lot of room for development. I believe there will still be great competition opportunities for our company in the next two to three years

home hotline: what is your company's next short-term plan? What are the plans

president Yu: next, Zijia doors and windows will strengthen its efforts in network promotion, online and offline marketing, the promotion of major media, and holiday promotion activities. The current network can not be ignored. In the future, the consumer groups are post-80s and post-90s, and the promotion will be more inclined to the network. This year, we also spent a lot of money to build a customized high-end website, mainly focusing on e-commerce promotion




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