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Yang Yueli's experience of using Lenovo v1000 Xiaoxin

Yang Yueli's experience of using Lenovo v1000 Xiaoxin

some time ago, he bought this lenovo/Lenovo Xiaoxin v1000 FHD high-definition screen/i7 independent display/hybrid hard disk notebook at Lenovo's official flagship store

and used it for a period of time to share my experience of using it. The comments are as follows:

friends recommend it, which is the same as the description. It feels good to use it. This model is not very expensive and cost-effective

as a reminder of what to buy later, this is i7 dual core, not quad core. I saw that some people didn't see the configuration clearly. After buying the complaint, the store should try to write it clearly and in detail. Every penny counts. There is nothing guilty about it. You can sell it openly and buy it without regret

I used to use XP all the time. The pre installed win8 is not completely used to it. I'm exploring the pressure testing machine

I believe in the quality of Lenovo and support domestic products. Now it is the first in the computer industry in the world. I am very proud and trust it! I hope other domestic products will learn! Timely evaluate whether the products have met the requirements of EU regulations. In addition, (1) exchange servo drivers and exchange servo electromechanical hope Lenovo will continue to be strong and not fail the Chinese people

the latest quotation of the official Lenovo is attached. Other friends' comments: http://det Mark as spm

sun the picture:

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