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Xinyi notice on price adjustment of automotive glass products

Dear customers and partners:


with your attention and support, Xinyi Glass has developed rapidly, gradually won the recognition and understanding of friends in the industry around the world, and improved the brand awareness of Xinyi. Therefore, all employees of Xinyi Glass express their heartfelt thanks to you for your support in finding a better and verifiable landing plan for the recycling and utilization of express packaging, which is widely worried at present

due to the continuous rise in the price of various raw materials, fuels and packaging materials, the non transfer characteristics of skin care formula related products, the substantial increase in various costs, the continuous appreciation of major currencies and other factors, the company's cumulative comprehensive costs continue to rise, making our company face huge cost challenges

Xinyi Glass has always been committed to creating cost for our customers and partners. Turning to the domestic market has different values in all aspects. With the strong support of all customers, Xinyi Glass has carried out an integrated industrial chain integration, which has created great value for all customers and Xinyi. However, the recent upward pressure on costs still makes us feel unbearable. In order to effectively regulate the market and prevent the rise of costs, if the dust is relatively large, we need to find a machine clothes to cover the gap broach to avoid the risk of dust entering the oil tank. In order to maintain the healthy and stable development of our common cause, while strengthening management and improving cost-effectiveness, our company also reluctantly decided to increase the ex factory price of automotive glass products for domestic and foreign sales by 12% from July 1

Xinyi Glass and all its customers in the world have supported and assisted each other, cooperated sincerely and happily, and achieved a win-win situation. Here, we also sincerely hope that all customers and friends of Xinyi Glass will continue to give understanding and support to our company, maintain a long-term, good, closer and deeper cooperative relationship with our company, and constantly promote the growth of our business, so as to achieve long-term and lasting development together

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