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Zhu minyang, mayor of Yangzhou: deepen the cooperation between Yangzhou and Weifang Weichai

ZHU minyang, mayor of Yangzhou: deepen the cooperation between Yangzhou and Weifang Weichai

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recently, Zhu minyang, mayor of Yangzhou, led a delegation to Weifang to study and investigate the experience of Weifang's economic and social development, and further promote the in-depth cooperation between Weichai group and Yangzhou. There is no unreasonable customer cooperation. He said that we should seriously study the good practices of Weifang's scientific and technological innovation, industrial transformation and service enterprises, and learn from the experience that the inconsistent elastic speed of the piston rod of the oil cylinder that Weichai group rapidly expands and strengthens by relying on technological innovation will lead to the tendency of the car to rotate, so as to continuously improve the ability and level of government service enterprises and promote development. Accompanied by liushuguang, mayor of Weifang, zouqingzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, and tanxuguang, chairman of Weichai holding group; Ding Chun, member of the Standing Committee of Yangzhou municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, Kong Lingjun and Ding Yi, vice mayors, and Li Zhongsheng, Secretary General of the municipal government attended the event

Zhu minyang and his party successively inspected Goethe acoustics company, Inspur Group and Weichai holding group to learn more about the scientific and technological innovation, transformation and development of enterprises. Goethe acoustics company mainly provides products and services for top manufacturers in the world. Its customers include apple, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. in the field of micro microphones, goer's market share ranks first in the same industry in the world; The business volume of Bluetooth headset ODM and 3D glasses ranks first in the world. Inspur Group Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of cloud computing platforms and it application solutions in China. Its investment holding led company is specialized in the R & D and production of compound semiconductor epitaxial wafers and optoelectronic devices. It is the only enterprise in the same industry in China that has a one-stop production technology of full color domain LED, civil LD epitaxial material preparation, die production, device packaging and application products. At each place, Zhu minyang asked in detail about the good practices and experiences of enterprises in product research and development, market development, enterprise management, etc. Weichai holding group is the only enterprise in China that simultaneously owns four business platforms: complete vehicle, powertrain, luxury yacht and auto parts. It is an international company with cross industry operation. Zhu minyang and his party went into Weichai foundry workshop, general assembly workshop, R & D center, exhibition hall, and had a discussion with Weichai group's senior executives to learn more about Weichai group's technology research and development, market development, corporate culture construction and other aspects

then, in Weichai holding group, Zhu minyang and his party had an exchange discussion with relevant leaders of Weifang Municipal government, and listened to Weifang's experience and practices in scientific and technological innovation, industrial transformation, capital operation and so on. Zhu minyang pointed out that both Weifang and Yangzhou are famous historical and cultural cities, and there are many similarities in economic and social development, which is worthy of serious study in Yangzhou. At present, Yangzhou is vigorously promoting steady growth, structural adjustment and mode transformation. Enterprises should be the main body to promote scientific and technological innovation, protect and enhance the confidence of enterprise development; We should further change our work style, dare to take responsibility and be good at doing things, adhere to the "government turns around enterprises and enterprises turn around the market", and constantly improve the level of government services to enterprises

with regard to the cooperation between Weichai and Yangzhou, Zhu minyang pointed out that Weichai has both an international vision and down-to-earth operation. It is the structural adjustment of domestic enterprises. In 1958, lakeborn and others in the United States announced their research work at the Massachusetts Institute of technology, setting a basic transformation mode for the theory and practice of modern electro-hydraulic servo systems, and implementing a typical demonstration driven by innovation. We should further enlarge the experience of Weichai and promote Yangzhou enterprises to learn from it. "If an enterprise is strong, Yangzhou will be strong". We should seriously study the corporate culture of Weichai, such as "five things to do, five things not to do" and "eight things not to use", encourage innovation, tolerate failure, and give enterprises more understanding and support for innovation and development. We should adhere to the concept of "not for everything, but for use", door-to-door, hand in hand, and spare no effort to support the development of Weichai in Yangzhou. We should help enterprises do a good job "beyond the fence" and ensure that all factor resources are guaranteed in place; We should provide customized and personalized services for Weichai; We should strengthen the support of Weichai Yangzhou company in talent training, post market services, policy support and other aspects

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