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Yangzhou has strengthened pollution control in key projects and key river basins

in order to further promote the construction of environmental protection model city and ecological city, Yangzhou has further strengthened pollution control in key projects and key river basins since this year, with remarkable results. From January to June, 420.2 tons of cods and 244.8 tons of SO2 were cut, accounting for 59.6% and 287.76% of the annual target respectively

focusing on the goal of completing the pollution control project in the Huaihe River Basin and the east line of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project on schedule, at present, the treatment of papermaking black liquor pond is in accordance with the scheme of pond mouth wastewater treatment, harmless treatment of sediment and ecological restoration. In February, the treatment of zhujiatang wastewater in Longqiu town has been completed, and the total amount of easy dyeing and electroplating wastewater is 240000 cubic meters. The rain proof greenhouse of Zhujia sludge storage pond is under construction; The total amount of wastewater treated in nanjiaotang, Longqiu town is 260000 cubic meters. Due to the need for safe water for shrimp farmers downstream of the drain casting alloy, the treatment of nanjiaotang, Longqiu town was stopped on March 5, and the workload of the whole project has been completed by about 60%; On the basis that the section of Sanduo West Bridge on Beichengzi River basically reached the standard last year, according to the comprehensive treatment plan of treating both symptoms and root causes, controlling the source and intercepting pollutants, and expanding the capacity of living water, at present, the new river regulation project on the upper reaches of Beichengzi River, which has invested 2.16 million yuan faster than the rising speed of piston 2, has been completed. The rainwater and sewage diversion project of laying sewage interceptors along the upper section of Beichengzi River to Haichao sewage treatment plant is being implemented, and the pipeline along the river has been successfully laid. Zhongyu company, Huafu industry, municipal chemical plant and other large sewage discharge households along the river are returning to the city and entering the park projects, which are being organized and implemented in a chronological manner

in addition, the relocation of 188 residential ships that have been docked in Beichengzi river for a long time is actively packaging the project and seeking funds upward. The Provincial Academy of Environmental Sciences has been entrusted to prepare and complete the feasibility study report on the comprehensive improvement of Beichengzi river environment in terms of boat people's water abandonment and ashore, ecological restoration, etc. At the same time, establish and improve the linkage mechanism, increase the frequency of river supervision, regularly report water quality information, and take emergency measures immediately in case of abnormalities

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