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Xuzhou supermarket part of the moon cake packaging is unqualified and removed from the cabinet

Xuzhou, China - Urban morning post news (Lu Yiming) the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and the moon cake market is selling hot. In order to ensure that citizens can eat healthy, safe and reassuring mooncakes, Xuzhou Municipal Health Supervision Institute inspected the mooncakes in major supermarkets yesterday and found that some foreign mooncakes had problems in the inner packaging, while local mooncakes were good and cheap

problematic mooncakes from other places were removed from the cabinet

yesterday morning, law enforcement personnel from the No. 1 Supervision Department of the Municipal Health Supervision Institute successively came to supermarkets such as RT mart and xinyijia Xiguan store to focus on checking whether the mooncake production unit holds a valid hygiene license and whether the employees have health certificates; Check the raw and auxiliary materials used for processing moon cakes in detail, especially the purchase certificate and acceptance records of oil, sugar, flour, stuffing, etc; Strictly check the personal hygiene status of employees and whether there is any illegal act of falsely marking the production date. After inspection, it was found that the purchase channels of all moon cakes were normal, and the manufacturer's valid hygiene license and quality report could be provided, and all promotional personnel could also provide health certificates

however, there are problems with the inner packaging of some well-dressed boxed foreign mooncakes. The inner packaging of these mooncakes did not indicate the product name, ingredients, net content, shelf life, shelf life method, production date, hygiene license number and other matters. Law enforcement officials told that if the inner packaging did not indicate these, it was easy to change the date of birth of moon cakes that exceeded the shelf life after replacing an outer packaging box

at the request of health supervision and law enforcement personnel, the above supermarkets have removed and replaced the unqualified mooncakes from the cabinet. Local moon cakes also need to strengthen health management

in yesterday's inspection, law enforcement officers found that this year's local moon cakes are not only cheap but also good. In Xuzhou RT Mart supermarket and Xiguan store of xinyijia supermarket, we can see that all real estate mooncakes, no matter how small, can be marked with the product name, net content, manufacturer (or distributor) name and address according to the general standard for labels of prepackaged food when the packaging area is less than 10 square centimeters; When the packaging area exceeds 10 square centimeters, the product surface is marked with the product name, ingredients, shelf life, shelf life method, production date, hygiene license number and other matters. But the only drawback is that the sales environment of some real estate mooncakes needs to be further improved

law enforcement officers found in Xiguan store of xinyijia supermarket that some newly produced moon cakes were placed on the cabinet, and the covering on them was only a piece of plastic cloth. Law enforcement officials believe that this kind of unfixed cover is easy to cause the front and back sides to mix on the moon cake, bringing bacteria to the imported food. The person in charge of the supermarket immediately changed the cover

citizens need to improve their awareness of self-prevention

they can communicate with the company

the relevant person in charge of the first Supervision Department of the Municipal Health Supervision Institute said that in order to ensure that citizens eat healthy, safe and reassuring moon cakes, the Institute has inspected moon cake production and sales enterprises in advance, and adopted the method of surprise sampling to resolutely avoid unqualified moon cakes from flowing to the market

the person in charge reminded the public that when buying moon cakes, they should improve their awareness of self-protection and hygiene knowledge, go to supermarkets and shopping malls with good reputation, pay attention to the integrity of the package when purchasing, and pay attention to whether the package indicates the name of the factory, address, production date, shelf life, etc., and do not buy moon cakes with damaged packaging and abnormal appearance. In case of consumption disputes, appeal to the local health and industrial and commercial departments or the consumer association in a timely manner. If you find unqualified moon cakes, you can call Xuzhou health supervision institute to complain

how to eat moon cakes healthier

the person in charge also reminded that eating moon cakes should not be excessive. Moon cakes are rich in fat, and should not be eaten with cold drinks, such as soda, cola or fruit juice with high sugar content, otherwise it will cause abdominal discomfort. When eating and holding down the setting key, it is best to drink tea together with the moon cakes, which not only helps digestion, relieves greasiness, but also adds fun and atmosphere when tasting. Special groups such as patients with duodenal ulcer or gastritis, dental caries, obesity, infants, the elderly, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, hypertension and coronary heart disease should be carefully selected according to their own conditions. Especially the elderly have poor digestion and absorption capacity. Eating more than one snack will cause indigestion, diarrhea and other diseases

■ relevant: the quality supervision department checked 87 batches of moon cakes

the moon cakes of 5 enterprises were unqualified

Xuzhou, China - Urban Morning Post (zhuyouqin) on the occasion of the Mid Autumn Festival, the quality supervision department of our city conducted supervision and random inspection on the manufacturing enterprises of moon cakes and moon cake fillings in the city. A total of 87 batches of moon cakes and fillings were randomly selected this time, and the moon cakes of 5 enterprises were unqualified, and the unqualified moon cake manufacturers will be intensively exposed recently

among the unqualified moon cakes in this spot check, the total bacterial count of one kind of moon cake exceeded the standard, the mold count of one kind of product exceeded the standard, and the preservative of three kinds of products exceeded the standard. In this inspection, the medium and high molecular polymers have the mechanical properties with the widest range of variability among all known materials. No enterprises have been found to use food additives in violation of regulations, benzoic acid has not been detected, and no artificial pigments such as lemon yellow, sunset yellow, brilliant blue, carmine, amaranth, etc. have been found. Law enforcement officials also found that the packaging of some moon cake enterprises was not standardized

a relevant person from the Quality Supervision Bureau said that this year's moon cakes must implement the new "mandatory national standard for moon cakes", which is the first national standard to make mandatory provisions on packaging, and limits the packaging volume of moon cakes. In terms of shelf life, the standard stipulates that from the date of production, the cold processed bulk mooncakes shall not be less than 3 days, the boxed mooncakes shall not be less than 20 days, the hot processed bulk mooncakes shall not be less than 10 days, and the boxed mooncakes shall not be less than 35 days

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