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Xie Zhenhua: China is actively promoting the construction of carbon emission trading market

on December 10, the "corner of China" carbon market side event was held, which was jointly sponsored by the Department of climate change of the Ministry of ecological environment, the national climate strategy, the world bank, the International Energy Agency, the Asian Development Bank, and the U.S. energy foundation. Xie Zhenhua, special representative of China for climate change affairs, faith Birol, director of the International Energy Agency, and Laura Tucker, vice president of the world bank, attended the side meeting and delivered speeches

Xie Zhenhua said that climate change is a serious challenge facing all mankind. It has become a global consensus and general trend to actively respond to climate change and promote green and low-carbon development. In recent years, China has placed the construction of ecological civilization in a prominent position, strived to follow a green, low-carbon and circular development path in line with China's national conditions, and adopted a series of measures to optimize the industrial structure, save energy and improve energy efficiency, develop non fossil energy, increase forest carbon sinks, and build a national carbon emission rights trading market, which have achieved positive results

he said that as a market mechanism, carbon emissions trading can effectively reduce the overall cost of emission reduction, achieve the goal of controlling greenhouse gas emissions, and effectively promote technological progress and industrial structure upgrading. Globally, the carbon market is playing an increasingly important role and becoming an important means to promote global climate governance

Xie Zhenhua said that China attaches great importance to the use of market mechanisms to cope with climate change. In recent years, China has taken the construction of a national carbon emission trading market as an important measure to actively respond to climate change and promote the construction of ecological civilization. Since 2011, China has launched the pilot work of local carbon trading in seven provinces and cities, and has made positive progress. As of October this year, the trading volume of carbon emission quotas in the pilot areas has reached 264 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, with a trading volume of about 6billion yuan. The key emission units in the pilot area performed as a whole. Ouali said: "We will further try various fiber structures similar to knitted or non crimped fabrics. The reduction rate has maintained a high level, and the low-carbon awareness has been continuously improved. The total amount and intensity of carbon emissions of industrial enterprises covered by the carbon market in the pilot area have been reduced, and the good effect of carbon market control of greenhouse gas emissions has initially appeared, which has accumulated valuable experience for the construction of the national carbon emission trading market. At the same time, China is seriously summarizing the foreign carbon market and The nominal composition of domestic pilot is Ti (6) al (2) 5Mo⑴. On the basis of 5cr-0.5fe-0.3si practice and experience, continue to promote the construction of the national carbon emission trading market

Xie Zhenhua stressed that in the next step, China will actively promote and ensure the construction of the institutional system and infrastructure of the axial national carbon emission trading market, and carry out in-depth carbon emission report verification, quota allocation and capacity-building

representatives from California Air Resources Commission, international emissions Trade Association (IETA), Tsinghua University, Asian Development Bank and other institutions and departments attended the meeting to discuss the construction and development of carbon emissions trading system and promote the construction of ecological civilization

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