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In the "national standard" being formulated, 10000 energy-saving and environmental protection standards will become the focus

Liu Ping, director of the national standards committee, said at the meeting that the 19 experimental strain rate conditioning range (/s) 0 0067 in 2008, the National Standards Commission will focus on the preparation, revision, promulgation and implementation of 82 national standards supporting the energy conservation law and the circular economy law, as well as the general rules for the preparation of enterprise energy conservation standard system. According to China's energy conservation and emission reduction tasks, we will strengthen the development of market access standards such as energy consumption products, equipment energy efficiency standards and energy consumption quotas for high energy consumption products, and expand the field of energy efficiency labeling

the National Standards Commission will also jointly issue the 2008-2010 development plan for resource conservation and comprehensive utilization standards with the national development and Reform Commission and other departments to strengthen international cooperation with Britain, the United States, Germany, France and other countries in the standardization of energy in polyurethane 3D printing of aviation industry resources

in addition, Liu average said that the National Standards Commission would also improve the agricultural standard system; Improve the standard level of traditional industries, accelerate the improvement of the standard system in traditional fields such as equipment manufacturing, steel, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, light textile, building materials, and improve the technical level of standards; Establish a public safety standardization system, organize the preparation of public safety standard plans for traffic safety, fire safety, information security and special equipment, and speed up the preparation and revision of relevant standards; Continue to do a good job in the standardization of high and new technologies, and focus on strengthening the construction of standard systems in the field of information technology such as e-government and e-commerce, as well as the development of key standards such as biomedical engineering and nanotechnology; Accelerate the development of service industry standardization, and expand the coverage of service standards with the continuous development of the global construction market

it is reported that according to preliminary calculations, a scientific, unified and authoritative standard system that conforms to China's economic development needs more than 30000 national standards. At present, China has only more than 21000, and more than 10000 national standards need to be developed

there are 10000 national standards being formulated in China. Among the existing national standards, 11000 are being revised

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