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Interpretation of Jingtian's new "gourd" mineral water bottle shape

Jingtian's packaging design has always been a leader in China's water industry. The first Jingtian Baisui mountain flat shoulder mineral water bottle design can be called a disruptive breakthrough, and won the best packaging design award of the first China International beverage Festival. Today, the new product Jingtian Wanxing spring gourd mineral water bottle is elegant and still amazing

you don't know the trend of packaging materials! It is reported that the design of Jingtian Wanxing spring gourd mineral water bottle is inspired by the ancient Chinese auspicious gourd. Gourd homophonic fortune, refers to happiness and rank; It means auspiciousness, wealth and longevity. From ancient times to the present, the three goals of happiness, wealth and longevity have always been the common ideals pursued by Chinese Taoist believers and the public. In the picture of the longevity star of fortune, wealth and longevity, the gourd and auspicious utensils on the longevity stick have been accompanied by the happy life of the Chinese people for thousands of years. In the new generation of Chinese style, Jingtian Xingyuan mineral water bottle design inspiration flickers. From the previous and current situation, according to the gourd bottle painting, the landscape is willing to be a work; By depicting the symmetrical sideband design on both sides with a modern sense, it injects a new era of convenience, customer resource sharing and network processing. The frosted texture on both sides and the fully transparent design in the middle not only highlight the crystal clarity of water, but also strengthen the three-dimensional sense of mineral water bottle. In addition, its round and full shape, the shape of curves on both sides like 8 characters, and the characteristics of mineral water bottle with small entrance and large stomach, seem to be able to absorb fortune, and the financial resources do not flow out. The design has cultural heritage and new interpretation of classic culture, implying beauty

from the perspective of the practicality of packaging design, it always runs through the humanized design concept and always reflects humanistic care. Hulu mineral water bottle is just a concave part in the middle, which is easy to grasp, feels rich, and avoids water overflow when drinking. It can be said that Jingtian Wanxing spring Hulu mineral FS shows that the spring water bottle is a design model that balances and unifies artistry, functionality, and practicality

take a close look at the shape of Jingtian Wanxing spring. The bottle shape of gourd mineral water is abstract and flexible, which has accumulated the design trend of Jingtian for nearly 20 years. It is the perfect combination of the essence of Chinese traditional culture and modern art, and spreads the good wishes of happiness and wealth, auspiciousness and longevity in traditional culture. Today, when cultural consumption has become more and more popular with high-end groups, it is conceivable that Jingtian Wanxing spring will become a new scene in the bustling Guangdong water market! And can this once again lead consumers to focus on the new trend of cultural consumption? It's really worth looking forward to

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