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Interpretation of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of Tianjin's printing industry

Tianjin, which positions itself as the "third pole" of China's printing industry, has drawn lessons from the formulation method of the maximum spacing between scientific chucks in the development plan of Guangdong, Shanghai and other provinces' printing industry, which can first pull the operating handle 7, and also referred to the proportion of the printing industry in the national economy, according to its own regional characteristics The characteristics of the printing industry put forward the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the development of Tianjin's printing industry, and as an important part of the Bohai Rim printing industry belt, the development focus in the next five years is on two aspects: first, taking advantage of the geographical advantages close to the national publishing base - Beijing, to develop and expand local publication printing; Second, summarize the law and market demand from the development trend of Tianjin in recent years, and vigorously develop packaging and decoration printing, an important part of the development of Tianjin's printing industry

according to the printing office of Tianjin Publishing Bureau, the output value of Tianjin's printing industry reached 6.7 billion yuan in 2005, with an increase of 800million yuan in the first half of 2006, mainly from packaging and decoration printing. At present, several printing industrial belts formed in Tianjin, such as Binhai New Area, publishing industrial park, newspaper printing center, etc., are industrial areas spontaneously formed by people in the printing industry according to the surrounding environment and with the help of economic advantages. They are also a happy situation under the active guidance of the government. In order to make the printing industry in Tianjin become a key industry in the city in the next five years, the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the development of the printing industry in Tianjin puts forward the idea of taking the development of the Binhai New Area of Tianjin as the strategic goal, which has the advantage of "developing its strengths" and "focusing on it"

According to the printing office of Tianjin Publishing Bureau, by the end of 2010, Tianjin printing industry should achieve a basic balance between market supply and demand, produce a number of advantageous printing enterprises with a total industrial output value of more than 100million yuan, and form a small and medium-sized printing enterprise group characterized by "specialization, specialty, precision and innovation" that meets the market demand. Realize the appropriate concentration of printing production capacity areas and the combination of science, industry and trade in the layout, build a number of printing production and processing industrial belts, and do a good job in serving the construction of Tianjin Binhai New Area. Strive to achieve the steady development of publication printing and meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the people; Realize the rapid development of packaging, decoration and printing, and fully meet the needs of economic growth; Realize the positive development of other printed matter printing facing the market and fully meet the diversified needs of the market

cultivate backbone printing enterprises and develop green packaging. According to the plan, Tianjin will focus on developing a number of backbone printing enterprises with internationally advanced printing level, outstanding economic scale and benefits, and the ability to participate in international competition. Encourage the existing backbone printing enterprises to take the market as the guide and the capital as the link, expand the production scale, improve the production efficiency, develop new products and new processes, explore the international market, and build a number of group enterprises with considerable scale and competitiveness with printing as the main business. Encourage the introduction of foreign-invested projects with large capital scale, advanced equipment, advanced operation and management mode, low energy consumption and low pollution. Small and medium-sized printing enterprises are highly adapted to the market demand, developing in the direction of "specialization, specialty, precision and innovation", and realizing the comprehensive development of the printing industry in multiple categories, levels and varieties

we should realize the fundamental transformation of the mode of economic growth in accordance with the requirements of the scientific concept of development, actively develop on-demand production and instant production, and strive to reduce the inventory of raw materials; Encourage energy conservation, reduce cost consumption, reduce waste of paper, plastic, ink and other raw materials, and encourage resource recycling; To meet the requirements of environmental protection, reduce environmental pollution, prohibit the use of toxic and side-effect inks in printing production, and focus on the development of non-toxic. In 1994, Audi A8 (Audi A8) body inner frame (ASF) and covering parts are all harmless and green packaging and decoration printing made of Alcoa extruded aluminum and sheet

promote digitalization and encourage new processes. In addition, they should focus on the development of digital production of publication printing and information management processes, as well as the automation and linkage of printing production, and encourage the establishment of enterprises that can bring advanced production technology, equipment and management mode; Actively develop all kinds of packaging and decoration printing, and the development speed should be slightly higher than the national economic development speed. Encourage the establishment of packaging and decoration printing enterprises matching new products, encourage the increase of packaging and decoration printing projects to fill the domestic gap, and encourage the establishment of packaging and decoration printing enterprises facing the international market; Develop the printing of other printed matter, and encourage the establishment of printing enterprises that produce modern commercial bills, smart tickets and anti-counterfeiting tickets. Track the latest development of international printing equipment and technology, absorb world-class advanced production technology, strive to achieve the international advanced level of printing production technology of a number of printing enterprises, and promote the modernization of the printing industry with informatization. Among them, the digital networking application of information resources in the prepress field, including digital scanning, direct plate making, digital proofing, as well as the digital management and networking application of data resources, should be implemented in a number of enterprises; In the printing field, we should basically realize multi-color high-speed offset printing, encourage the use of flexographic printing and other technologies, actively develop digital printing, and fully meet the fast, on-demand, efficient and personalized needs of the market; Automation and linkage in the post press field should be developed in qualified enterprises. The printing quality of printed matter has been comprehensively improved. Therefore, it is stipulated in the "external wall insulation building structure (1)" that XPS boards are only used for the first floor, and the qualification rate should reach 100%

build a number of industrial belts to enter the overseas market. Focus on development zones, bonded areas and airport logistics areas, actively give play to the advantages of export-oriented economy, and develop into a printing and processing trade export base; We should give full play to the strong comprehensive strength of Xiqing Development Zone, Wuqing Development Zone, Beichen Development Zone, Jinnan Development Zone and high-tech industrial park, and develop into a comprehensive printing production base integrating all kinds of printing production and scientific research; Publishing and printing groups and newspaper printing centers should give full play to the advantages of centralized publishing resources and develop into printing production bases focusing on publishing and printing. Strive to list the printing industry as the key industry of the city. All printing enterprises should further go out, occupy the international market and build internationally renowned brands. Printing and processing trade should develop on a larger scale, and "three supplies and one subsidy" printing enterprises should expand production and export

three key points highlight the needs of the service industry

in addition to the daily work of strict examination and approval supervision of printing enterprises and creating a fair competition market environment, the printing office of Tianjin Publishing Bureau focuses on the measures in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" to serve enterprises and industries, which not only correctly guides the layout of the printing industry, but also facilitates the further supervision and regulation of printing enterprises in the future

build a platform: support various printing technology seminars and exchange activities, discuss the development direction, exchange development information, and guide printing enterprises to closely follow the development of international advanced printing technology. We should guide state-owned book and periodical printing enterprises to actively restructure, actively promote them to accelerate the pace of restructuring, and establish a modern enterprise system. Encourage and support non-public capital to enter the packaging and decoration printing, and allow non-public capital to invest and participate in state-owned publication printing enterprises. Actively organize training in management, technology and regulations for printing enterprises, organize overseas investigation and research, and improve the quality of employees and the awareness of enterprise market competition. We should establish direct information communication channels with enterprises, guide and support them to become bigger and stronger. We should publicize and promote the international image and brand of China's printing industry, build a processing and export trade platform for printing enterprises, and actively explore export channels. Focusing on the construction of Binhai New Area, we will actively promote the industrial integration, division of labor and cooperation, and the coordinated development of science, industry and trade among printing regions

careful statistics: according to the needs of management work, continue to revise and improve the industry statistical system of the printing industry, scientifically select statistical data indicators, further expand the scope of statistics, and finally achieve industry wide statistics. It is necessary to organize printing enterprises to participate in statistical training, so that printing enterprises can be familiar with and master statistical indicators, and improve the quality of statistical data filling. To achieve joint submission of statistical data. We should comprehensively sort out and analyze statistical data, and timely publish statistical data and information to the society and industry on a regular basis

strengthen quality inspection: work with the quality inspection department to establish a quality management system for major printing products, including publications, packaging and decoration prints, and other prints, improve the printing quality management organization, and establish and improve the printing quality management system. Establish a printing industry standard system that meets international standards. We should strengthen the inspection of the printing quality of publications, appropriately expand the scope of sampling inspection, and publish the inspection results in time. Actively carry out printing quality certification, carry out extensive publicity, and launch a number of printing enterprises with excellent printing technology. We should strengthen contact with the existing packaging and decoration printing and other printing quality inspection institutions and guide them to carry out relevant work. The printing varieties that have not been tested for quality should be included in quality supervision according to management needs

at the end of the interview, I also learned that 100million copies will be produced in Tianjin in the next five years. The resulting printing of outer packaging and product introduction manuals will drive the great development of Tianjin's printing industry, which is just two of the many categories of Tianjin's printing industry

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resistance to the development of the printing industry in the Bohai Rim region

China printing and equipment industry association has divided into two groups to investigate the situation of the printing and equipment industry in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi and Liaoning provinces and cities in the Bohai Rim region. Experts believe that although the printing industry in the Bohai Rim region has unique advantages, it is undeniable, At present, the Bohai Rim region is still the weakest of the three regional printing bases. The main problems are:

first, the opening process is backward. Due to various objective and historical reasons, the economic foundation, the development of commodity economy and the pace of reform and opening up in this region are still far behind those in Shanghai and Guangdong. Guangdong benefits from the first reform and opening-up and the geographical advantage of being close to Hong Kong and Macao. Shanghai benefits from the new round of reform and opening up in Pudong and the accumulation of Shanghai's deep economic foundation and commodity economy culture. Therefore, the Bohai Rim region should seize all kinds of opportunities, step up the pace of reform and opening up, constantly enhance the awareness of market economy and commodities, improve the awareness and ability of enterprises to self expand the market and self-development, speed up the reform and reorganization of enterprises, the effective allocation of resources by the market and the free flow of production factors, and improve the awareness and strength of foreign cooperation and joint ventures and the development of export-oriented economy

second, regional economic ties are not strong. The Bohai Rim region has historically belonged to different administrative regions. Liaoning has always belonged to the northeast, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shanxi have always belonged to North China, and Shandong belongs to East China. The economic ties in the region are not close enough. For example, the exchanges between Liaoning and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Shandong account for only 10% of the inter provincial economic exchanges in Liaoning, and the exchanges between Shandong and Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Liaoning account for only 12% of the inter provincial economic exchanges in Shandong. Although there are many economically developed cities in this region, there is a lack of naturally formed central cities with leading role. Unlike Shanghai, which has naturally formed a leading central city in the Yangtze River Delta in its economic development

third, there is no central city. just

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