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Interpretation of customer-oriented business strategy (I) -- become an enterprise easy to do business ma Shuyan, Deng Chenghua of Hua'an Shengdao management consulting company a few years ago, a consultant of a relevant department handed a videotape to the CEO of a medium-sized enterprise specializing in the production of scientific research equipment during the entry quarantine work, and repeatedly told him to have a look at the contents. The CEO turned on the TV and found that the president on the screen was no other than the company's biggest customer. He leaned over to the camera and squeezed out four words from his teeth: "I hate you." This is not the first time that something like this has happened. Recently, a manufacturer specializing in communication equipment also received a complaint from an important customer. A senior executive of this client believed that the team leader he worked with was wrong. In order to vent his dissatisfaction, he even said, "even if you give me the product for nothing, I can't do business with you anymore."

the performance of keeping food flavor and aroma at the same time, the problems encountered by enterprises are common in all industries. What is the reason why customers are so angry? The problem is not the product. After careful investigation of the products by this manufacturer, no problems were found. Their products have distinctive characteristics, high quality, reasonable price and timely delivery. So why are the customers not satisfied? In fact, the reason for their dissatisfaction lies in the fact that it is too troublesome to do business with these two companies, and the whole transaction process is easy to go wrong and tiring. First of all, because the two companies introduced products to customers in a vague way, customers have to spend a lot of effort to make sure that the products meet their own requirements. Secondly, the ordering procedure is also unclear, which makes customers feel that it is a headache for manufacturers to clarify their product requirements, not to mention the time spent on explaining clearly. In addition, the delivery process is also full of loopholes, forcing customers to inspect all arrival goods, because some goods are often lost, damaged, the delivered goods are not in line with the order number, and other unexpected situations occur in the delivery process. In addition, customers found that the receipts they issued were also a headache. Because the invoice is filled in scrawly, it requires skills and patience to crack the password to understand it all. It is undoubtedly the biggest challenge for customers to understand such a document. The last pass makes customers laugh and cry. Although the customer service representatives arranged by the manufacturer have a serious attitude, they can't solve the actual problems of customers at all. In this way, manufacturers undoubtedly belong to the list of businesses that are not easy to deal with

ease of doing business means looking at all problems in the transaction from the perspective of customers. In short, it is to simplify all procedures that waste customers' money and eliminate all redundant links that consume customers' energy. This means that manufacturers should accept their orders in the most convenient way and time. If we really think of customers, we need manufacturers to place orders in the language and words that customers are familiar with, which is convenient for them to consult. Don't take it for granted that customers can understand orders as long as they can understand them. This will only make customers dizzy and eventually give up cooperation with you. When customers inquire about the situation, the manufacturer should further improve the efficiency of employees when answering, and provide customers with the information they want to know most in time. Put an end to the work style of mutual prevarication and wasting customers' time. The documents issued by customers should be simple and clear, and the terms should be clear. It is forbidden to use terms or jargon that only internal employees can understand to communicate with customers. To achieve this, all bills must be designed and printed from the perspective of customers, so that they can be easily understood and used. In other words, all the bills should be understood by ordinary people, not complicated. Only professionals can figure them out, as if they were cracking passwords

the key to grasp the ease of doing business is to regard the product price as a part of all the expenses paid by customers. The cost paid by the customer to the manufacturer is not equal to the total cost in the process of doing business with you, commonly known as the electronic tensile testing machine. You know, customers also have to deal with sales representatives, the approval of orders, the receipt, inspection and inventory registration of goods, the receipt and approval of invoices, the payment of various expenses, the replacement of damaged goods, and so on. Customers need to pay for all these things. Of course, this expenditure will not fall into the pockets of manufacturers. In some cases, the activity expenditure of dealing with manufacturers accounts for a large proportion of the actual payment of customers. This makes the manufacturers quite embarrassed

if the ordering procedure designed by the manufacturer is ambiguous, the customer will have to waste time and money to determine how to operate. If the manufacturer can't provide a simple and easy way for the customer to approve the order, the customer has to face the recording that can't provide any information. If the supply system of the manufacturer is unstable and often changes, the customer has to pay extra time and cost for it. If the documents provided by the manufacturer are illegible, the customer has to argue with the manufacturer's representative who issued the documents for a certain detail, and just because the representative is not patient enough, he yells at the customer. At that time, things are really bad

if everything is centered on the manufacturer, rather than carefully arranging the way of product operation and transaction from the perspective of convenience to customers, it will undoubtedly directly damage the interests of customers, and the manufacturer will eventually suffer the consequences. The more difficult it is for customers to deal with manufacturers, the greater the costs borne and paid by customers. Obviously, part of the burden of manufacturers has been transferred to customers. If this situation is caused, its competitiveness in the market will undoubtedly decline, and the interests of manufacturers will eventually be damaged. Of course, manufacturers can adopt the method of reducing marginal benefits to reduce product prices. However, although this method can achieve the effect of opening up the gap with competitors in the market, it will also cause customers' disgust. For some manufacturers, once customers feel too troublesome to do business with them, they will have a strong sense of boredom. Even if these companies give away and use waste products to customers, it is impossible to weaken this boredom. In the era of customer economy, "easy to do business" is not a principle for manufacturers to choose, but a principle that must be implemented in order to survive

I hope every manufacturer will ask themselves: is my enterprise "easy to do business"? I am deeply worried about this. With all due respect, your company is likely to cause unnecessary problems to customers when doing business

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