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Interpretation of the figures of the publishing industry in 2010

1. At the beginning of 2010, the General Administration of publishing proposed that in the next decade, China will move forward to become a publishing power. The goal is: by 2020, the total output value of the publishing industry will account for 5% of the national GDP in that year, so when we ask for thick cardboard, we can adjust the breakpoint ratio to about 60%; Basically realize the annual per capita consumption of 6 books and 3.2 periodicals, and more than 130 newspapers per thousand people per day

2. Publishing scale at present, the total number of books published in China ranks first in the world; The total volume of electronic publications ranks second in the world; The publishing scale ranks first in the world; The output value of printing industry ranks third in the world. China has become a real publishing country

3. Publishing output value in 2009, the total output of the publishing industry reached 1066.93 billion yuan, with an added value of 310.01 billion yuan. China's publishing industry has become a new highlight of national economic growth

4. Enterprise transformation and restructuring in the existing 580 book publishing houses, 526 have become operational publishing houses, and 496 have completed enterprise transformation and restructuring; 180000 printing and reproduction units and 30 provincial-level state-owned Xinhua bookstores have fully completed the transformation; 1069 non current affairs newspapers and periodicals publishing units have been transformed or registered as enterprise legal persons, and 49 party newspapers and periodicals groups have achieved the separation of editing and business operations

5. Building aircraft carriers China has established 30 publishing groups, 39 newspaper groups, 5 periodical groups, and 27 state-owned distribution groups

6. Joint reorganization in 2010, there were as many as five major cross media and cross regional joint reorganization in the publishing field. Including the time publishing media Co., Ltd. holding the publishing unit directly under the China Federation of literary and art circles, the reorganization of Anhui University Press by Beijing Normal University Publishing Group, and the cooperative reorganization of Hongqi press by Qiushi magazine and Zhejiang newspaper group

7. At the beginning of the year of listing and financing, the first share of Wanxin media listed in the national Xinhua bookstore system was listed with a good antibacterial effect; At the end of the year, Zhongnan media landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. At present, there are 42 listed publishing enterprises, with a total market value of more than 300 billion yuan

8. Digital publishing 21 domestic enterprises have obtained four types of qualifications, including e-book publishing, e-book reproduction, e-book general distribution and e-book import, approved and issued by the General Administration of publishing for the first time. All links of the e-book industry chain show an orderly management layout

9. Public service since 2008, the central government has invested a total of 600million yuan in special funds to support major projects of legendary classic publishing. The accumulated investment in the construction of rural bookstores has reached more than 6 billion yuan, with more than 300000 completed, driving the construction of more than 90000 community bookstores, staff bookstores and migrant workers bookstores, benefiting hundreds of millions of grassroots people

10. International exchanges at the same time, in 2010, China exported more than 8.85 million books, newspapers and periodicals, an increase of 10.4% year-on-year; There are more than 290 domestic enterprises running foreign agencies, newspapers, periodicals, and stores that make the internal short circuit of batteries. At present, Chinese publications have entered more than 190 countries and regions in the world, and the distribution of newspapers and periodicals covers more than 80 countries and regions

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