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Gao Yongqing: Interpretation of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of printing industry

just now, Director Mao also introduced the Eleventh Five Year Plan in detail. For this kind of planning, there are two kinds of projection in our industry. One reflection is that the plan is well formulated, with clear goals and effective settings. According to the completion of the ninth five year plan and the Tenth Five Year Plan in the previous year, the probability of completion is very high. From the perspective of traditional printed newspapers, from 1994 to the end of 2004, the annual growth rate was 15%, and the growth rate of books and periodicals was about 10%. As Tan Junqiao said just now, the packaging growth rate was 12%. Therefore, during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the total output value of the printing industry increased by 8%. The second is to achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society. Both the publishing industry and the printing industry should inject more healthy food into the people of the country. The second opinion is contrary to this opinion. The goal is relatively high, and it is difficult to complete. Even after saying automatic diagnosis: the system has automatic diagnosis function, it can't be achieved. The general environment of the eleventh five year plan is not simple for the printing industry and other industries. Because this year we have entered the eleventh five year plan, and also entered the era of meager profits. In the era of low profits, profits fell and losses increased. From the signs of this year, the era of low profits has come. The cost is gradually increasing due to the rise in the price of raw materials, consumption and so on. When it comes to our design, Agfa announced last year that the price of all plates will rise by 5% - 12% from January this year. The prices of cardboard and cartons are rising, and the prices of PS version are also rising. In terms of various industries, the newspaper industry increased by 15% every year from 1994 to 2004. From the second half of 2004, there were fewer advertisements, and the circulation and printing volume were also affected. In 2005, it was only 3.5% higher than that in 2004. It is difficult to say how much growth newspapers will have in the future during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period. 15% a year is absolutely impossible, and even 10% is good. It is also worth studying books and periodicals

first of all, textbooks also occupy a large amount. When using the Leeb hardness tester, 1 we must use about 40% of the printed books according to the process specifications of the manual. However, textbooks are now reused on a pilot basis throughout the country. Again, Shandong and Beijing Education commissions said this year that some schools implement the reuse of art textbooks and music textbooks. The range of field use is even larger, which reduces the amount of printing. Moreover, the economic benefits of the newspaper industry are not very good, so it has entered other printing industries. There are more orders. In addition, the printing price has been declining in recent years, the cost has increased, the consumption has increased, our profits are decreasing, and life is more difficult. According to the statistics of the General Administration of publication, there were more than 2000 printing plants in 2004, including one third of the larger printing plants, which lost money. This is the newspaper and books. For packaging, the controversy is relatively large. The transitional packaging is very powerful. Now our country has also issued some regulations to restrict it, the packaging law will also be issued, the State Council has also issued relevant opinions on static transitional packaging, and the national development and Reform Commission has also called off the transitional packaging of moon cakes. There are many problems that plastic materials conforming to green packaging cannot be used in a large area by relevant departments; The development of intelligent and other advanced packaging technology means statistics, moon cakes alone, a year there are 3 billion packaging. We produce 1.1 billion or 1.2 billion shirts a year, using about 240000 tons of paper, and it takes more than 1.6 million hectares of trees to cut to the wrist. The relevant departments require that resources should not be wasted in this way. Once the transition packaging is restricted, what will it bring to the packaging industry? Will it grow as fast as in previous years

the specification proposes to develop two markets, one is the domestic market and the other is the international market, which is reasonable and should also be done, but the development of the international market is not as easy as we think. Now there are many big orders in the international market, but can you make money? This is also a problem. At present, the situation is getting worse year by year. In recent years, our printing cities have been larger and more than one. Packaging cities, printing cities and packaging centers have been built one after another. How big is our domestic market with so many packaging cities and printing centers? In an international market, how many people can fill their stomachs? The bowing and apology of Akira Takeuchi, the managing director of Mitsubishi materials, and other senior executives are issues that we should study and consider when implementing the eleventh five year plan

the practice of the development of our printing industry has proved that the development of the printing industry has considerable advantages by itself, whether it is a market economy or a planned economy. However, it is still hoped that the government will, if possible, give some far-reaching policies as well as some near policies, and encourage and actively guide them in succession, which is very important. Other enterprises said that the policy was given, but it was not enough. For example, the value-added tax of the printing industry has been overcharged for many years

the above is a summary of two opinions on the eleventh five year plan, one is OK and the other is No. there is a reason for doing it. There are reasons for not doing it. I think we should consider it carefully, so as to ensure the smooth completion of our eleventh five year plan. Thank you

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