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[think tank] data interpretation: 14 AI sub sectors pursued by capital

[think tank] data interpretation: 14 AI sub sectors pursued by capital

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original title: [think tank] data interpretation: 14 AI sub sectors pursued by capital

after 2014, AI has gradually become the "Darling" of China's private equity market, and investment outlets have gradually formed. The 2018 China artificial intelligence investment market research report explored the most sought after segments in 14 industries

in 2012, the application research of in-depth learning in the field of image recognition and speech recognition made a breakthrough, and the "artificial intelligence" that has spanned more than half a century and experienced several ups and downs is revitalized again, and the pace of technological transformation is accelerated

some investment institutions with a keen sense of the market began to input small amounts of funds to AI innovative enterprises in 2012 to test the water. Two years later, in 2014, the AI private equity investment market officially began to perceive the business opportunities of AI, and a large number of funds entered, indicating the arrival of investment outlets

over the past seven years, the relevant investment in the field of artificial intelligence in China's private equity investment market has been about ¥ 365.86 billion. Where did the 100 billion yuan go? Among the industries that AI applications touch, which segments are most sought after by capital? In the latest "2018 China Artificial Intelligence Investment Market Research Report", the most sought after secondary industries in 14 industries, including finance, security, and general health, are explored, as shown in the following figure

I. Intelligent Finance - intelligent risk control

in the field of intelligent finance, artificial intelligence is mainly used in four fields: insurance technology and intelligent wind lubrication. What are the effects of Jinan assaying concrete pressure testing machine? Lubrication plays an important role in concrete pressure testing machine, including control, intelligent investment consulting and intelligent investment research. Among them, the field of intelligent risk control has been invested 62 times, accounting for 65.1% of the investment in the whole field of intelligent finance, which is the application field most sought after by capital in the field of intelligent finance

according to the observation of yiou think tank, risk control is the most important content in the financial field. A large number of technical talents with banking background set up enterprises to engage in the product research and development of artificial intelligence technology in the financial risk control field; At the same time, commercial banks and Internet financial institutions are building intelligent risk control systems

II. Intelligent security - identity authentication system

in the field of intelligent security, artificial intelligence is mainly used in five fields: identity authentication system, intelligent camera, vehicle big data, video analysis and home security. Among them, the identity authentication system has been invested 39 times, accounting for 47% of the investment in the whole field of intelligent security, which is the application field most sought after by capital in the field of intelligent security. In addition, smart cameras and video analysis are also hot investments in the field of intelligent security

the progress of biometrics such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition, voiceprint recognition, vein recognition and iris recognition has created new vitality for the security industry. In particular, face recognition technology is widely used, including face recognition gateway and face recognition depth camera

III. ai+ great health: intelligent imaging diagnosis and treatment

in the field of ai+ great health, artificial intelligence is mainly used in six fields: intelligent imaging diagnosis and treatment, medical data mining, intelligent inquiry, voice electronic medical record, health management, and drug mining. Among them, intelligent imaging diagnosis and treatment has been invested 82 times, accounting for 57.7% of the investment in the whole field of ai+ big health, which is the application field most sought after by capital in the field of ai+ big health

the diagnosis and treatment plan based on X-ray, CT, MRI and other medical images is a natural high-quality landing scene for image recognition. The intelligent image diagnosis and treatment system is mainly aimed at lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, stroke, sugar optic membrane lesions and other diseases, including focus identification and labeling (diagnosis link), and automatic delineation of organs and targets in radiotherapy planning (treatment link)

IV. intelligent driving - ADAS system

third, in the field of intelligent driving, artificial intelligence is mainly used in three major fields: ADAS system, autonomous driving algorithm and on-board interactive system (sensor devices such as laser radar are classified as "basic components" industry in this research). Among them, the field of ADAS system has been invested 50 times, accounting for 47.2% of the investment in the whole field of intelligent driving. It is the application field most sought after by capital in the field of intelligent driving. Autonomous driving algorithm companies followed

adas is regarded as the primary stage of automatic driving, and it is in L1 and L2 stages in terms of intelligence. Many autopilot algorithm companies, while developing and training autopilot algorithm models, are also launching ADAS products to ensure that enterprises have revenue at all stages of industrial growth. The development of autopilot algorithm company depends on the common progress of all links of the whole industry chain, such as the reduction of the cost of lidar. In the early stage, it is very important to ensure that enterprises have sustainable financing capacity

v. ai+ enterprise services - intelligent marketing

in the field of enterprise services, artificial intelligence is mainly used in five fields: intelligent marketing, intelligent customer service, data annotation, business decision-making and intelligent recruitment. Among them, 62 investments were made in the field of intelligent marketing, accounting for 33% of the total investment in enterprise services, followed by the financing of intelligent customer service and business decision-making

enterprise service is an area where artificial intelligence has landed rapidly, especially intelligent marketing, intelligent customer service and business decision-making. Advertising and marketing companies in the field of Internet and mobile Internet have accumulated a large amount of user behavior data, and the natural data base makes it quickly combine with artificial intelligence. The progress of intelligent speech technology with speech recognition and semantic generation as the core makes it possible for machines to replace humans to complete highly repetitive customer service work. Intelligent customer service can save considerable labor costs for enterprises. Business decision making (BI) has a long history. Based on the technical ability of data mining, it can provide multi-dimensional and highly flexible data decision support services for various industries

VI. robots - service robots

among all kinds of robots, service robots have the highest number of investment, 45 times in total, accounting for 35.8% of the investment in the whole field of robots. Warehousing/logistics robots and industrial robots are also favored by capital

the main service scenarios of service robots include retail stores, government departments, railway stations, airports and other public places, and their landing speed is fast. Storage/logistics robots are not new. As early as the beginning of this century, robots represented by automated guided vehicles (AGVS) have been widely used in production logistics systems. Industrial robots based on manipulator have a long history. Due to the progress of computer vision, slam and other technologies, industrial robots have deeper application scenarios, which further improves the automation of industrial manufacturing

VII. Ai+ Internet Services - Intelligent Recommendation

in the field of ai+ Internet services, artificial intelligence is mainly used in seven fields: security protection, translation, voice assistant, intelligent recommendation, image/video processing, travel planning and content production and audit. Among them, intelligent recommendation has been invested 25 times, accounting for 26.6% of the total investment in ai+ Internet services, followed by image/video processing, translation, and voice assistants. The investment distribution in each segment is relatively balanced

most applications in this field are to C products, which is also the field of one of the few AI products to C. Among them, intelligent recommendation mainly refers to Internet products supported by personalized recommendation algorithms, such as Baidu search, today's headlines, personal tweets, etc. Intelligent recommendation algorithm has a long history, and it is an important application of machine learning. Based on image recognition technology, a large number of image/video processing applications represented by Meitu and camera360 have emerged, which are favored by mobile intelligent users. With the progress of intelligent voice technology, translation and voice assistant have also begun to become high-frequency products. The most typical is the intelligence of Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo and other major manufacturers. Translation and voice assistant have become basic functions

VIII. AI industry solutions

ai industry solutions refer to technology-based enterprises that provide solutions for multiple industries based on AI technology capabilities. These enterprises constitute the technology layer in the artificial intelligence industry chain. However, with the gradual deepening of the exploration of AI enterprises in commercial landing, the commercial landing ability of technology platforms that do not have industry attributes gradually tends to be weak, including Unicorn enterprises such as Shangtang technology and Kuangshi technology, have turned to vertical industries to develop industry-specific intelligent products and services. This trend is particularly significant in 2018

IX. AI basic components - AI chip

ai basic components field mainly includes five categories: AI chip, millimeter wave radar, lidar, computing module and depth camera. Among them, the AI chip field has been invested 31 times, accounting for 34.1% of the total investment in AI basic components, followed by depth cameras and lidar

ai basic components constitute the basic layer of the artificial intelligence industry chain (cloud computing is not included here). The reason why AI chips are sought after by capital mainly comes from the computational requirements of special chips for deep learning algorithms represented by convolution of Shen meridians. If the winner in the PC era is Microsoft - because the core of Microsoft PC is the hand-held operating system, then AI chip is likely to become the operating system in the era of artificial intelligence. Today, we can see that NVIDIA, Intel, Inspur and a large number of giants developed in the era of personal computers are working on AI chips

depth cameras are mainly used in security (such as face recognition cameras), autonomous driving sensors and mobile terminals (such as 3D face recognition). As an important sensor of automatic driving, lidar is an industry that must be developed to achieve higher-level automatic driving. Although the manufacturing capacity of China's lidar is generally lower than that of overseas countries, with the strong support of national policies, a number of start-ups have also sprung up in the lidar field

X. ai+ education adaptive learning

in the field of education, AI has five major applications: adaptive learning, graded reading, intelligent course scheduling, intelligent evaluation and voice learning. Among them, the field of adaptive learning has been invested 30 times, accounting for 41.7% of the total investment in ai+ education. Secondly, the frequency of voice learning and intelligent evaluation is also high

with knowledge map as the underlying technology, artificial intelligence is expected to break the past "egalitarian" teaching mode in the field of education and truly develop personalized learning programs for students. This is also the core concept of today's major adaptive learning systems. However, due to some difficulties in the evaluation of teaching effect, how to scientifically evaluate the correlation between the use of adaptive learning system and students' learning effect is a very important research topic

the application of artificial intelligence in speech learning is related to the popularity of English education products. English speech learning tools, represented by English fluency, cannot exist without the maturity of intelligent speech technology

Xi. Ai+ retail - commodity identification

in the retail field, artificial intelligence has four major applications: customer behavior analysis, commodity identification, logistics management and self-service settlement. Among them, the field of commodity identification has been invested 13 times, accounting for 30.2% of the total investment in ai+ retail, followed by self-service settlement and customer behavior analysis