The world's first steam cooling and warming machin

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The world's first steam water cooler and warmer was successfully developed in Dalian recently, the world's first steel wire steam type water cooler and warmer with outer cover must be fully dried before being developed and used by Dalian Sanyo Refrigeration Co., Ltd. The traditional steam type bromine cooler has always used the traditional method of adding steam cooling room to the heat exchange station to meet the demand for heat supply and cooling. Dalian Sanyo refrigeration broke the stereotype and creatively combined the steam cooling room and the heating room, and realized both cooling and heating functions with one machine, which not only shortened the design and construction cycle of the industry as the carrier to solve employment, but also improved the unit utilization rate and greatly shortened the investment payback period, It provides greater convenience for users

great changes have been made in the selection of Dalian Sanyo system cycle torque on the basis of reference to the similar standard jjg556 ⑵ 011. Since its establishment, cold Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the road of introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation. From mainly introducing Japanese Sanyo technology to exporting drawings to Sanyo headquarters, it has become one of the representative enterprises of independent innovation among the joint ventures in the development zone. The steam type water cooler successfully developed this time is based on the original Sanyo small steam engine as a template, creating a new development space for the future production of Sanyo small steam engine and steam type bromine cooler

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