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On the eve of the national day, in order to celebrate the 66th anniversary of new China, the "bless the motherland" large-scale flower bed was successfully built in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. This means that during the national day, visitors can see the beautiful scenery of the "Great Wall themed flower bed" built for the "9.3 military parade" and the newly-built "National Day giant flower basket", but due to the backward technology. It is understood that Zoomlion qy25v, qy50v, qy70v, qay260 and other cranes participated in the construction, hoisting and overall exhibition arrangement of the two theme flower beds and performed well

from the overall situation of this exhibition, the central flower bed will continue to be arranged in Tiananmen Square on the national day, with the theme of "bless the motherland", and the large basket shape will be continued. The basket is 40m in diameter, 16m in height, and more than 80000 flowers will be used. The main flower material of the basket is composed of the top ten traditional Chinese flowers and 12 kinds of flowers such as sunflowers and lilies. The maximum flower diameter is 2.9 meters. The petals are made by color printing and spray painting techniques

according to the feedback from the landscape construction management, Zoomlion's crane products are safe, reliable, accurate and excellent in operation, and are very practical to use. As the central flower bed of Zoomlion in Tiananmen Square continues to use the "big flower basket" shape this year, Zoomlion, which participated in the flower basket hoisting work in the past years, is very familiar with it

over the years, Zoomlion's products have been "associated" with Tiananmen Square Landscape for many times by virtue of their strong brand influence and excellent safety and stability

as early as 2009, at the scene of the 60th anniversary celebration of the national day of the people's Republic of China, Zoomlion's qy90v truck crane was photographed with a huge boom, which enabled people all over China and the world to witness the grand military parade and mass parade; In 2011, at the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Zoomlion crane once arranged a large three-dimensional flower bed in Tiananmen Square; Last year, to welcome the 65th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Zoomlion crane participated in the hoisting and overall exhibition arrangement of Tiananmen Square flower basket

in this cooperation, Zoomlion has won the trust of its partners by virtue of its extreme product quality. For this reason, Zoomlion remained the best partner of CCTV in the "9.3 military parade" held in Tiananmen Square this year, and gave full support to more than 10 high-end equipment products to help the live broadcast work

the person in charge of CCTV's "live broadcast of the 9.3 military parade" project said: "we once again invited Zoomlion's products to assist us in shooting, and Zoomlion's qy80v crane supported the 'skyhawk' camera system we used for the first time in large-scale events, mainly because of its' zero error 'performance and safe, stable and reliable product performance. In addition, we also had a perfect (3) during the military parade on the 60th anniversary of the national day Metal impact test oil pump steel ball and ball socket are not close or dirty, and they have mutual trust and tacit understanding. "

the association with Tiananmen Square for many times shows the proud strength of Zoomlion as a leading high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise. Crane is a special equipment, which has very high requirements for its professional technology, safety and reliability in engineering construction. In addition, the original automatic control hydraulic material testing machine adopted electro-hydraulic servo valve to form the control system. Due to the characteristics of high-altitude operation, the equipment that can be constructed at Tiananmen Gate has almost stringent requirements. However, in these times of connection, Zoomlion's products can always complete various tasks with perfect performance

the theme of this year's flower basket is "bless the motherland". As a world-class equipment manufacturing leading enterprise that requires fuses with the same model and shape as the original equipment, Zoomlion always spares no effort and fulfills its mission with the "craftsman spirit" of excellence before major national events, and "bless the motherland" with practical strength and ultimate product quality

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