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Zoomlion released high-altitude operation machinery products to expand new subdivisions of construction machinery (Xia Zihang) on October 25, Zoomlion released high-end intelligent new products of three categories and eight models produced by high-altitude operation machinery company. At the same time, the industry's first intelligent assembly line covering the whole production process of scissor type aerial work platform, Zoomlion aerial work platform automation production line, was officially unveiled

Fuling, chief engineer of Zoomlion, said that rausberg completed all the construction on the basis of prefabrication and entered the field of aerial work machinery, which is a major progress since Zoomlion implemented the strategy of focusing on the construction machinery sector. The production of the intelligent factory for aerial work machinery is the landing of the company's intelligent manufacturing strategy

it is reported that the eight new high-speed machines released by Zoomlion this time include three types: self-propelled electric scissor, curved arm and straight arm. Based on the advantages of Zoomlion's traditional technology and the support of new technologies such as IOT and modern sensing, many indicators have reached the industry-leading level, and all meet the requirements of European, American and national standards

the mechanical equipment for high-altitude operation covers the construction, garden, advertising and other industries. It is a product with a very high penetration rate and is less affected by the industry cycle. With the social and economic development, all walks of life pay more and more attention to safety. The market prospect of this kind of product is broad. The development trend of China's construction machinery industry is described as "Crazy" by the industry. At present, the market is growing at a rate of 30% to 40% every year, Over the past few years, the compound growth rate of the aerial work platform leasing market has reached 100%

according to the analysis of industry insiders, assuming that the development of aerial work platforms in China will reach the European level in the future, the corresponding number of aerial work platforms will be 630000. At present, there are only 40000 in China, with 16 times the growth space, and the corresponding market scale is expected to reach nearly 100 billion yuan; Assuming that it will reach the US level in the future, the corresponding growth space will be 40 times

suzimeng, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, believes that reviewing the development history of aerial work machinery, the use trend, product performance and use space of construction facilities in major industrial countries at different stages are constantly expanding, and the application field of aerial work machinery is constantly expanding. It is an emerging market in the ascendant and has great development potential in the future

relevant personnel of Zoomlion said that as a new type of equipment for climbing, the aerial work platform has obvious substitution advantages in safety and economy compared with the traditional scaffold and other aerial work equipment according to the latest report of market research. With the gradual improvement of safety production system guarantee in industries such as construction introduced by Yu Kai, the strengthening of construction safety awareness, the increase of labor cost, the relative reduction of labor force in China and other factors, the trend of aerial work platform replacing traditional scaffolding and other climbing equipment is becoming more and more obvious

in addition to being mainly used in the field of construction, aerial work platforms are widely used downstream. Relevant research shows that it is expected that the compound growth rate of China's aerial work platform industry is expected to reach 40% during the 13th Five Year Plan period, and high-end and intelligent products will be the future development direction of the industry leader

in June this year, Zoomlion announced at the 2017 annual general meeting that it would promote the production and manufacturing of mechanical equipment for aerial work in an all-round way. According to the plan of Zoomlion, it is planned to be the first in China in the first three years () and the top three in the world in the second three years ()

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