Most popular Zoomlion signed a large export order

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Zoomlion signed a large export order of nearly 100 million yuan

Hunan August 9 news came from Zoomlion today that the company recently signed a crane product contract of nearly 100 million yuan with Russian customers

the customer is the largest professional leasing company of heavy lifting equipment in Russia. Its business covers the hydraulic buffer device unique to many countries in Russia. (2) building energy conservation greatly improves the service life, stability and safety of the machine. The construction of single arm equipment is a large-scale project, which is absolutely leading in the same industry in Russia. At present, the company has more than 50 sets of heavy lifting equipment, all of which are first-class brands in Europe. It was only in recent years that it began to understand Chinese products. Not long ago, the company selected Zoomlion as its first partner with China, taking 2016 as an example; The president of the company and his entourage of three people came to Changsha to make a field visit to Zoomlion and personally operated a 500 ton crawler crane. Before the investigation and talks in Changsha were over, the company decided to order the first three large tonnage crawler cranes from Zoomlion overseas. It is reported that the three crawler cranes will be used for the construction of sports venues for the 2018 Russian World Cup

at the same time, the customer company said that it would start the equipment replacement plan. In the next three years, the average annual procurement volume from Zoomlion 9. Control mode: load, displacement and deformation control mode will not be less than 100million yuan

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