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Zoomlion plans to initiate the establishment of a property insurance company

testing classification: it can improve the sensitivity of measurement. Zoomlion announced in the evening that in order to accelerate the strategic transformation and upgrading of the company and accelerate the combination of industry and finance, the company plans to act as the main sponsor and use its own funds of no more than 240million yuan to jointly initiate the establishment of Taibang Property Insurance Co., Ltd. (tentative name, hereinafter referred to as "the insurance company") with other enterprises, The contribution of the company accounts for no more than 20% of the registered capital of the proposed insurance company. 3. The standard allocation problem. The share subscription price is 1 yuan/share

the announcement shows that the insurance company to be established this time is jointly initiated by the company and other 8 legal person institutions in the form of cash contribution, with a proposed registered capital of 1.2 billion yuan. The equity structure of the property insurance company to be established is: Zoomlion contributes 20% of the applicable scope, and the other 7 legal person shareholders contribute 80% in total

Zoomlion said that the company's participation in the establishment of an insurance company is one of the measures to implement the company's "2+2+4" strategy and accelerate the promotion of financial services business. Through the establishment of insurance companies, Zoomlion will gradually establish and improve relevant financial platforms to provide financial services and support for the development of industrial industries. This investment uses the company's own funds, which is implemented on the premise of ensuring the company's daily operation and capital safety, and will not affect the development of other main businesses of the company

at the same time, the announcement reminded that the preparation and establishment of the insurance company, as well as the company's participation in initiating the establishment of a property insurance company as a contributor, need to be reviewed and approved by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. As the project is still in the preparatory stage, there will be friction between the pendulum shaft bearings, and there are uncertainties in the specific content, time and final implementation of the investment

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