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Zoomlion said in response to Sany's capital move that the government was biased and unfair

Zoomlion said in response to Sany's capital move that the government was biased and unfair

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Guide: the news that Sany group plans to move its headquarters to Beijing is triggering a series of chain reactions. Shocked by the media and public opinion, I can't help guessing whether the reason behind the sudden move of the capital of China's largest private engineering machinery enterprise is the need for international development, or is it driven by ecology

the news that Sany group plans to move its headquarters to Beijing is triggering a series of chain reaction. Shocked by the media and public opinion, they can not help guessing whether the reason behind the sudden "capital relocation" of China's largest private engineering machinery enterprise is the need for international development or the "helpless" departure forced by ecology? Or some people speculate that it is closer to Beijing, where political resources are more concentrated

Sany's delay in making a positive response further escalated the speculation, which led to public opinion targeting Zoomlion, a city brother who is also a leader in construction machinery manufacturing, and even the investment environment in Hunan was questioned

how effective is the truth? Is Zoomlion, which has kept a low profile and kept silent, the "culprit" who forced the City brothers away? In response to many questions from the outside world, a senior executive of Zoomlion publicly responded to this matter for the first time, saying that it was the good investment environment in Hunan that fostered Changsha, the capital of engineering machinery in the world, and it was the competition that led to the rapid development of Zoomlion and sany in the same city. "What we need to look at rationally is that competition is not a bad thing. Its positive effects are greater than its negative effects. However, nonstandard competition should arouse the attention and reflection of the industry and enterprises."

According to media reports, on November 21, liangwengen, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, suddenly announced at the internal breakfast meeting that the functional headquarters and core business departments of Sany group would all be moved to Changping District, Beijing, and Changsha base would only retain the pumping business department. It is reported that the relocation of functional headquarters is required to be completed within two months

after verification by the media, it was confirmed that Sany did have this plan, but only Tego glide a116 met the requirements of various laws and regulations, involving a few functional departments, and the specific relocation time has not been determined. Although Sany generally claims that the headquarters relocation is mainly for the needs of international development, Sany senior management disclosed in an interview or in public or private that the main reason for leaving Hunan is that the living environment is too bad, and vicious competition makes it helpless to "leave home"

from "moving the capital" to the previous "spy gate", "bribery gate", "Weibo gate" and "layoff gate" at the beginning of the year, Sany has indeed continued this year. As a result, some media speculated that the relocation of Sany might be related to the "Inaction" of the local government. This statement was refuted by the above-mentioned senior management of Zoomlion

"Changsha is well deserved as the capital of China's construction machinery. Zoomlion, Sany and Shanhe intelligent are all local enterprises that have grown up and developed from scratch on this soil, and now they have become leaders in the industry. I think that without the high attention and strong support of Hunan governments at all levels, and without the many land, resources and policy incentives provided by local governments, none of our enterprises and our industry can Can achieve such results today. Therefore, if someone says that Hunan's development environment is bad and the local government does not act, they either do not know what to do or speak out of conscience. " The senior executive of Zoomlion said that both Sany and Zoomlion have received unprecedented attention in the process of development. Once an enterprise has a problem to be solved, the provincial leaders have always personally intervened, supervised and given the green light all the way. Just like this, it has cultivated "fertile soil" for the development of construction machinery industry in Changsha, made the capital of construction machinery rise in inland Hunan, and made today's Zoomlion and sany both go abroad to acquire overseas giants and compete in the international market

this statement can be clearly verified from the development path of Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion

In 1989, Liang Wengen and others raised funds to establish Hunan Lianyuan welding material factory, which is the predecessor of Sany Heavy Industry. In 1992, Sany moved its headquarters from Lianyuan to Changsha. In 1994, Sany chose construction machinery as its main business. It has achieved rapid development in the past 20 years. Sany Heavy Industry, the core enterprise of Sany group, was listed on july3,2003. It is the first enterprise in China to succeed in the split share structure reform and achieve full circulation. In 2011, Sany group achieved a sales revenue of about 80billion yuan and a net profit of more than 10billion yuan. In the same year, Liang Wengen became the "richest man in Chinese Mainland" for the first time with a value of 70billion yuan

Sany has been supported by successive Hunan provincial Party committees and governments in terms of financing, land, policies and access to political resources. Sany's research on the experimental machine 1. No simple and short-term workers have been praised as the benchmark for the growth of local enterprises by the senior management of Hunan, and they have been shown as leaders who have made important political achievements. Almost no important leaders have not been arranged to visit Sany when visiting Hunan. Liang Wengen has also successively obtained various political resources such as deputies to the National People's Congress and national party representatives. Even in Sany, there were two deputies to the National People's Congress at the same time, which is unique in the private enterprise circles in China. Liangwengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, as a party representative of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, also said frankly in an interview that "the development of Sany benefits from the good investment environment in Hunan"

the development of Zoomlion is no exception. On September 28th, 1992, the former Changsha Construction Machinery Research Institute of the Ministry of construction, located in tongzipo Road, Changsha, was established. This enterprise, which was founded with a loan of 500000 yuan, has rapidly developed into a leading enterprise in concrete machinery by realizing "three connections" with the market, capital and internationalization. At present, Zoomlion's annual R & D investment accounts for more than 5% of its annual sales revenue, reaching 7% at the highest. It can produce 13 categories, 66 product series and more than 640 varieties of leading products with completely independent intellectual property rights. It is the most complete engineering machinery enterprise in the world

since its establishment, Zoomlion has achieved a compound annual growth rate of more than 60%, which is 2.5 times the growth rate of the industry. At present, the total assets of the company are 87billion yuan, ranking the 7th among the global construction machinery enterprises

like the gradual expansion of Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion, dozens of large-scale construction machinery enterprises have taken root and blossomed in Hunan Province. In 2011, Hunan Construction Machinery became the first "100 billion sub industry" in the province, and surpassed Jiangsu and Guangdong for the first time, taking the "top position" in the national construction machinery industry. Now, Changsha aims to build itself into the "capital of engineering machinery in the world" and proposes to strive to achieve an annual total output value of more than 300billion yuan by the end of the "12th Five Year Plan", thus formulating a series of support and preferential measures to boost industrial development

in the interview, the senior management of Zoomlion always stressed that enterprises should treat the government and society with gratitude. "Enterprises should speak with their conscience. Without the support of the government, the construction machinery industry can not develop so well and so fast in Hunan."

"because of the good investment environment created by Hunan, 90% of Zoomlion's business is concentrated in Hunan." The executive said. On the territory of Hunan, we can see that from Changsha to the west, an "industrial corridor" of construction machinery is taking shape. In this corridor, from Lugu of Changsha high tech Zone to Ningxiang, to the east of Yiyang, to Yuanjiang City, to Hanshou County, to Deshan, to Dingcheng, to linli and to Tianjin, there is a Zhonglian park every 50 kilometers, and each park has led to the formation of a small cluster. "It is the regional layout and development strategic goal of Zoomlion to be able to conduct complex data analysis on multinational companies headquartered in Hunan"

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