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Cohen kitchen appliances has always paid attention to the consumer demand, product quality and humanized experience dominated by product power, and comprehensively designed and developed kitchen appliances that meet the full market. Recently, the newly launched liquid crystal flat panel series technology new cigarette machine 7250 not only continues the advantages of high suction and invisibility without touching the head of the extremely fast instant suction liquid crystal flat panel 7 Series cigarette machine, but also makes upgrading and innovation in the appearance structure and user experience. In the overall structure, it continues the modeling design of the 7 Series cigarette machine, introduces the flat panel concept, and creates the original flat panel invisibility design. The overall design is in an inverted "L" shape, which is composed of two parts, The first part is a large ultra-thin side smoke collecting cavity close to the installation wall. The second part is the main device that is equal to the position of the line of sight. It looks like a T-shaped cigarette machine, but there is no trouble of hitting the head of the T-shaped cigarette machine! It takes up a small space in the kitchen, which greatly increases the activity space of cooking operations, and can perfectly fit with the cabinet, making the smoke machine invisible; It is easier to match the kitchen and meet various home decoration styles

compared with the general traditional range hood, which only works on the top, and the oil smoke has spread outward before it rises, the Cohen liquid crystal flat-panel ventilator 7250 adopts the design of extremely fast instant smoking, and the black crystal glass Cohen Da screen plate "extremely fast stir fry", which can quickly absorb more than 95% of the oil smoke before the harmful oil smoke has spread, and the escape of the oil smoke is smaller, greatly reducing the amount of oil smoke inhaled by the body. The side suction ultra-thin smoke collecting chamber and the smoke collecting cover on the top form a "mouth" 3D air suction space, which is equipped with a double-sided air intake wheel to effectively increase the air suction volume. Before the oil molecules reach the top motor part, they are separated by the centrifugal force generated by the vortex to quickly absorb and exhaust the oil smoke

in addition to perfectly solving the problem of smoke absorption, Cohen has also made innovative upgrades around the intelligent design, smoke cleaning and other aspects that users pay attention to: Cohen liquid crystal flat-panel smoke machine 7250 is equipped with highly sensitive touch buttons, and adopts iPad capacitive touch screen technology to provide a more sensitive operating touch, with an original fan front design, simple disassembly and assembly of wind wheels, and convenient maintenance and replacement; The black crystal glass Konda screen plate is not stained with oil, which can be cleaned immediately after wiping. It is clean, worry free and easy to take care of. The stainless steel oil sump with massive volume can effectively reduce the times of oil pouring and save time and worry; Unique IP67 led eye protection cold light lamp, soft and bright optical fiber without dazzling, ensuring sufficient light in the cooking area

Cohen kitchen appliances has always been committed to improving China's cooking environment and bringing users a relaxed cooking life with advanced technology. From the high suction smoke machine to the variable frequency smoke machine, and now the upgraded LCD flat panel series smoke machine 7250, Cohen always starts from the immediate needs of consumers, not only to exempt consumers from the harm of lampblack, but also to make the mission of the kitchen no longer limited to cooking food, but also to make consumers have fun in cooking, feel art in the kitchen, cook food in a good mood, and cook more at will





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