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The decoration of the store must conform to Feng Shui in order to create a good feng shui aura for us and improve our Feng Shui fortune. Therefore, when decorating the store, we must pay attention to Feng Shui; So in Feng Shui, what are the precautions for decorating store Feng Shui? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

store decoration Feng Shui precautions

What are the precautions for store decoration Feng Shui

1. The best type of facade is wide. In this way, Ming Tang is wide and prosperous, and such feng shui will accumulate wealth. Some shops are deep and big inside, but the front of the shop is shallow and narrow, so it is difficult for such shops to make money

2. The orientation of the door is very important. Sometimes, if the door is opened incorrectly, it is difficult to make the berth hot. Open the door to get lucky, that is to say, the door cannot be directly opposite to the object, such as the straight road, large buildings, light poles, etc

3. Choose shops in the main direction of the flow of people. The flow of people is also the flow of money. Such shops have the effect of collecting water, and the natural wealth will be much higher. And the flow of people, nature and business will be much better

4. The size and direction of the door opening are also very important. It is best to follow the rules of left to right door opening and right to left door opening, that is, if the street or corridor on the left is long, the store opens the right door, and if the street or corridor on the right is long, the store opens the left door

5. Gathering gas will gather wealth, and dispersing gas will scatter wealth. If the store is directly opposite the roads, streets, corridors, elevators, etc. that come through, the wealth that originally gathered will be blown away, and will be disturbed by attacks, accusations and accidents from the outside world. It is difficult to compete with others. Try to make your own store avoid the air outlet, and do not have draught

6. Generally, shops operated during the day need to pay special attention to light and ventilation. No wind indoors will give people a sense of suffocation and lethargy, and the depression of business decline, prompting people to have anxiety, doubts, and ideas and actions that they are unwilling to stay too much in such places, not to mention doing business cooperation to buy products. Too dark light will reduce customers' desire to buy. Don't you see that the lights in KFC are particularly bright? there are four pages in total. Page 1: 1234 next page 7. Try to choose the central area of your customers, because the layout of a city will form several centers, such as administrative center, business center, entertainment center, education center, etc., so that the flow of people will tend to specific areas when carrying out specific activities, If the nature of your work is compatible with the surrounding environment, you can quickly enter this activity circle. On the contrary, it will be much worse. Therefore, ditian Jushi suggested that when choosing the location of the store, we should clarify the customer target concentration area

8. In shopping malls, shops are prosperous. You can use the words of go: Golden Horn, silver edge, grass belly. If you choose to open a shop at the intersection of the instruction channels on both sides. Then you can show customers the most windows or furnishings, and the possibility of being noticed by customers will increase. In short, money comes when people come

9. The location of the cash register in the store is very important. If it is placed incorrectly, it will always leak money and waste money. Ditian Jushi suggested that no store should put some furniture or furnishings that have a sharp effect on the cash register, such as the corner of the wall or furniture facing the cash register, which is a big taboo in Feng Shui

10. Store signboards should be placed in the prosperous side of the store location (if placed on the top, it can be ignored). The color of the signboard should be selected according to the five elements of the store, and the color of the five elements of life and help should be selected. The material of the signboard is also very important. Using metal or wood will bring different effects, which will vary according to the fate of the store owner

what are the precautions about decorating store Feng Shui

1. Counters ―― should not be placed at the exit

in order to promote goods, some stores often set up counters at the exit of the escalator. Of course, the purpose is to make customers see the promoted goods as soon as they step on the floor, so as to increase the possibility of selling goods, but this practice often makes some customers deliberately bypass this counter and go to the next counter. You might as well move the counter blocking the stairway to the side for 2 meters, and then look at the effect. I believe you will feel the wonderful use of "zhaixiangxue"

2. Sound evil -- don't play deafening music

playing deafening music is actually very bad. Music itself can indeed create an atmosphere, but it depends on what kind of atmosphere is created. Soft and elegant music can make customers linger and forget to return, increase customers' stay time in the store, and thus increase the possibility of customers' consumption; The loud music is called "sound evil" in Feng Shui, which belongs to a kind of ferocity, which makes people naturally produce irritable emotions and can only have a negative impact on the promotion of stores

3. Don't rush ― escalators don't face the door

there are four pages in total. Page 1 1234 next page. Now most large shopping malls have escalators. Please note that don't face the escalator to the door of the store. If such a pattern has been formed, you should use shelves to cover it as much as possible, so that customers don't see the escalator as soon as they enter the door. This is also the principle of "like whirling, don't rush directly" in Feng Shui. Otherwise, The customers in your store are "more visitors, less generous"

4. Store color ―― you can't set it casually

there is great emphasis on the color of store decoration. Now many stores pay great attention to the color inside the store. Some businesses believe that, through psychological tests, bright colors such as red will make people in a relatively excited state and stimulate people's desire to buy. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the interior color of the store should be considered in combination with the birthday of the owner, the orientation of the store and the five element attributes of the goods sold. The attributes of the goods should be included in the five categories of wood, fire, earth, gold and water, and then the interior decoration color of the store should be specifically determined according to the owner's fortune and the store's house divination. The method is extremely complicated, and professional house diviners must be invited to decide

5. Store door -- the door of a store that is too small to accept gas is the throat of the store and the access and circulation channel for customers and goods. The number of customers greeted and sent off by the door of the store every day determines the rise and fall of the store. Therefore, in order to enable the store to

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the mirror is easy to attract a junior.

the feng shui of a junior is easy to attract a junior if the mirror is placed incorrectly.

first, the mirror is easy to attract a junior.

1. The bright mirror and the dark mirror are respectively

the so-called bright mirror refers to a common mirror. Dark mirrors generally refer to objects that reflect light and produce reflections, such as black paint, marble, glass and other materials. TVs at home also belong to dark mirrors. Feng Shui expert tips: the dark mirror is wrong, and you are close; A black mirror is easy to lose money, and a cloth curtain can dissolve it

2. Pay attention to the installation of mirrors in the cabinet

in order to be beautiful, some lockers are often designed to install mirrors on the inner wall of the cabinet, resulting in many dark mirrors in the home, which can be adverse, and the reflection of the mirror is easy to make people feel uneasy in mood and psychology. Feng Shui experts suggest that the mirror in the hall cannot be reflected to the kitchen stove, otherwise one stove will change into two, and a third party may appear in the family

3. There is a mirror reflection at the head of the bed

the mirror is gold, and the placement of the mirror has the greatest impact on the husband and wife. In the room of husband and wife, pay special attention to placing mirrors. The mirror of the master's room reflects the master's bed, especially the mirror reflection at the head of the bed, which represents the discord between husband and wife, and even a third party. Feng Shui expert tips: you can use a pedestal mirror instead, take it out of the drawer when taking photos, or add a curtain in front of the mirror

4. Dark mirror TV

when the TV is not watching, it will reflect the shadow of the bed, and the TV often creates a third party and unfavorable marriage. Feng Shui expert tips: do not align the bed, but put a beautiful cloth on the TV to prevent reflection

II. Feng Shui taboo on mirror placement

1. Mirror to gods

if the mirror is directly facing the God table, it will not only be disrespectful to gods, but also cause bad shock. Let the gods who originally bless you at home leave because of the shock generated by the mirror

2. Put money in the mirror

don't put money in the mirror in the living room, so that the God of money will not be reflected away by the God of the mirror. Generally speaking, the money in the living room is at the left and right diagonals of the door. In addition, it's best not to embed it in the ceiling, which will consume gas and money for people sitting in the living room

3. Hang a mirror on the door

hang a mirror on the top outside the door, which will make the neighbor opposite think you reflect the bad magnetic field to him. In addition, when you buy a house, you will think that your family is evil and Feng Shui is bad

4. Mirror to door

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