How to improve the durability of grouting material

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With the widespread use of chemical admixtures and ultra-fine mineral admixtures for high-strength non shortening grouting materials, China's existing design specifications for the cooperative ratio of reinforcement grouting materials can no longer meet the actual needs of high-function grouting material equipment and construction. On the premise of ensuring the strength demand of grouting materials, reasonable selection of high-quality admixtures and maximum reduction of cement consumption are effective ways to improve many functions of grouting materials, and they are also the subject of discussion and treatment of the key points of high-strength grouting materials

1. Consideration of proportioning

the traditional proportioning method is to consider the proportioning of grouting materials based on workability, durability, etc., so the reinforced grouting materials equipped will use more water to complete the fluidity, and the relative cement consumption is also relatively high. The ratio of this kind of reinforcement grouting material also faces a great risk of deformation

2. The addition of fine mineral powder

mineral subdivision can replace part of cement and reduce the heat of hydration, and can also reduce the threat of cement dosage on drying shrinkage. Because the fineness of mineral subdivision is finer than that of cement, the plastic viscosity of grouting material can be improved after participation. Then the compactness of the grouting material is improved, and the weak interface zone of the data is improved, so as to achieve the effect of improving the durability of the grouting material

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